Hello! I’m Rebecca, I’m from Ireland and I’m a software developer - I mainly use Go and Python, and I have a huge interest in Rust at the minute. It’s very nice to meet you all- I’m still getting quite used to here :D

@laches1sm Hey Rebecca, Kara here! Hope you have a wonderful time here ^_^

@bob thank you very much! I really like it so far :)

@laches1sm The fediverse tends to be a lot friendier than Twitter. Hope you prefer it here.

@laches1sm I love rust, too. The way it mocks all our technic ambitions, returning even the hardiest steel to the Earth in the fullness of time...

Oh, wait... You meant the other Rust... 🤦🏽‍♀️

Go hiontach thú, ‘s failte romhat.

@Shufei :D that Rust is very cool too! Go raibh maith agat :D

@laches1sm How did you learn Python please? I’m collecting resources for a go at it.

@Shufei I learnt it through SoloLearn, CodeAcademy, Project Euler, and Exercism :D I hope these help - Python is a very fun language to learn :)

@laches1sm Go raibh maith’ad, those first and last are new to me. I wanted to Ruby or Go because they are cute, but Python seems more accessible because widespread.

@Shufei it’s no problem! :3 yeah I love Go - it’s a fun wee language and I really do like the Gopher as well :) yeah I know a lot of people who do Python, and it got me my first job, so I have a fond place in my heart for Python :) go n-éiri leat for your Python studies!

@laches1sm I get confused by the Go Gopher because I’m a Gopher protocol fangirl, ha. Thanks heaps, and for the cúpla focail, the teanga which is a jewel of your isle. If you think of aught else to teach newbies to code, please do share here. I’ll follow with gratitude.

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