Electoral assistant at the European election. Vote! We open in a few minutes. @ Ahnsbeck instagram.com/p/Bx6jNs9Cww0/?i

Cross-Sections of Geological Formations and Views of the Cosmos Bring the World to Life in 19th Century Educational Charts

10 points to phi.lo.sofie for her first Poetry Slam. The topic was – Fridays for Future in kunst&buehne Celle. All participants were great. @ Kunst & Bühne instagram.com/p/Bxx09mCC8y4/?i

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Fiery Feeds adds Instapaper-like universal read-later service cultm.ac/2EoRyoX by @mistercharlie@twitter.com

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So, if you put a video with coati, or coatimundi, in reverse, you are in Jurassic Park. Who made this?!?! 🦕

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When you come on in the 89th minute and a scout’s watching

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Mirrored Ceilings and Criss-Crossed Stairwells Give a Chinese Bookstore the Feeling of an M.C. Escher Woodcut

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