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All the balls are the same color β€” and that color is *brown*!

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Iβ€˜m going to try to document the progress on the Mac version here (and in a couple of blog posts later). With that, here’s Fiery Feeds without floating toolbars.

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Fiery Feeds adds Instapaper-like universal read-later service cultm.ac/2EoRyoX by @mistercharlie@twitter.com

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So, if you put a video with coati, or coatimundi, in reverse, you are in Jurassic Park. Who made this?!?! πŸ¦•

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When you come on in the 89th minute and a scout’s watching

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@vivaldibrowser@twitter.com Notes are great ! With some easy Conky script, I have a head-up display todo list synchronized on all my machines. 🀟


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Just finished the new pictogram system for the city of Oslo with @creuna_NO@twitter.com . Tusen takk!

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If you’re having a bad day, sick of hearing the β€˜B’ word perhaps? Take 42 seconds out with the sound on and watch our little duck family have a mid morning snooze in the sunshine.

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We’ve always worked towards giving you a fully customizable user interface. Today is a big step. You can now move buttons between toolbars!

Hold 'Shift' to drag and drop buttons. Or, right-click a button to Remove it from your toolbar.

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Any 4 pics of Alan Rickman together looks like an amazing 80’s new wave band you wish existed

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There’s a history of calling a free press the Enemy of the People.

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You read so much terrible news in the course of one day, it can bring you down.

To lighten things up a little bit I made a tab stacking robot for our 2.3 release of @vivaldibrowser@twitter.com

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Access Keys let you use keyboard shortcuts to interact with some sites (like Wikipedia). You can now open an Access Keys cheatsheet for any site you're viewing to get a quick reminder of the shortcuts available.

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December 21 [5:23pm ET]
Latin for β€œStationary Sun,” when our star's path across the sky, which had been shifting by the day, halts its progression and reverses.

Image: ganapatistudios.com

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RT @vivaldibrowser@twitter.com: In today's update, we've added new ways to customize your Toolbars! You can now hide individual buttons like Home, Back, Forward and more.

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