@snurb I'm also used to seeing my social graph already filled out. Here I'm mostly following interesting strangers.

Haven't yet figured out why people complain about weather.

I've been rained on. No, that's not annoying.

— Obok Athelkûbuk, hammerer

@benwerd This was what Diaspora was doing with "aspects," wasn't it?

Really a wonderful interview between two brilliant people: Henrik Chulu asks @ingrid about journalism, art, technology, and magic medium.com/techfestival-2018/t

My hotel wifi is apparently blocking the entire country of Belgium. I know, it's , but still.

Friends, we're finally ready for you. Over some months now, I've had the pleasure of supporting co-op entrepreneur Greg Brodsky in the development of a new kind of accelerator just for co-ops.

Start.coop is officially open for applications for the inaugural class. If you know someone who would be interested in applying for $10,000 in cash plus mentorship, they can learn more here: start.coop/press-releases/

This entry just won NPR's Tiny Desk Concert contest. Amazing technique and voice from Naia Izumi. youtu.be/nk8HEO_60ms

Excited to share this new blog post on my research: blog.communitydata.cc/revisiti

The pool of active contributors to Wikipedia started declining in 2007. Researchers blamed a calcifying bureaucracy and hostility to newcomers. Are these problems in other wiki communities too? Could there be a deeper reason why these dynamics emerge?

I replicated Halfaker et al 2013's analysis of 'The rise and decline.' The dynamics observed in Wikipedia appear to reoccur again and again in many wiki communities.

So I came across some code that apparently hasn't been reviewed in awhile.

Facebook is "a useful tool when it is stripped of its power. However, when it is larded with my personal details it is a weapon and a liability."


Hello Mastodon, Openwords is an open source language learning webapp. We are in beta, and our Github page is available.

We're looking for partnering universities and instructors to collaboratively build lessons with our team.

Openwords is open source. We are committed to diverse open educational resources.


Our code:

Openwords is a social enterprise that is not legally obligated to pursue profit maximization for shareholders.

Much like Scott McCloud's work on comics, these amazing animated gif "tutorials" explain the medium of via that medium. patreon.com/saint11

@rustyk5 What was the navelgazing section of k5 called? Was it just "meta"?

@Alisca Ha, OK, if it is account-based filter, rather than a message-based filter, that's a different issue. The "followed-user filtering" use case I was thinking about was following a multilingual user, and only displaying messages in specified languages.

@Alisca Hm, I agree. Are the filters supposed to apply to followed users in addition to local/federated timelines?

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