I'm pretty sure I did this the exact opposite way I was supposed to, but it still looks pretty cool.

uncaptioned squirrel girl page 

Hey, does anyone have some simple ideas to soothe heartburn? I'd like to not have to stand up straight all day and I'd like to maybe get some rest. I have pepto bismol but it didn't seem to help any.

There are two wolves inside you

And a dragon, an otter, a sergal, and a robot

You spend a lot on ref sheets

Lots of love for all transmasc people out there! It sometimes feels like your struggles don’t get enough attention.

I see you :QueerCatHeart_Trans:

Ah... The problem with watching a show too long after it aired is being unable to talk to people about it. @_@ I finally finished watching

Spoilers for 1BeatHeart 

Spoilers for #1BeatHeart 

cards against humanity but all cards, both question and answer, just say "puppies"

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