*sees a traffic cone anywhere at all* ah, vlc

women have been calling their besties "girlfriends" since the 1800s. it was used even more frequently by black women in the 1990s and early 2000s which led to the show "Girlfriends" which TRACEE ELLIS ROSS was on. then fell out of favor as white women destroyed it by being ANNOYING about it. and now young queer girls are like "WHY ARE YOU CALLING YOUR FRIEND A GF; DO YOU MAKE OUT".


you ever sneeze into a tissue on the train and then accidentally drop the tissue on a person's knee and then when you apologize and pick up the tissue you see a tiny smear of boogers on their knee so your face immediately feels hot and you want to die?

my eoommate made a KoRn joke while i was eating corn and I have been in a state of incredulity

these earmuffs SUCKED but like.... they're cool

I forgot hulu has shows and chose one at random and now I'm hooked. it's called !

tonight is a night to be cuddled but ny cat has forsaken me

I wish I had money and time to play all the video games I want.

i just scarfed down so much chipotle in my office and i have zero regrets about the avocado on my shirt rn

Hi everyone, I'm Tessa! I do illustration, graphic design, visdev, and adoptables. I want to work on animated shows and someday have my own!

You can find see more of my work at tessamag.com , tessary.deviantart.com, and instagram.com/tessamag .

Other stuff I like:
#adoptables #photoshop #ipadpro #procreate #visdev
#digimon #pokemon
#nintendo #hamtaro #dragons #frogs #mastoart #introductions

110,050 accounts
+37 in the last hour
+1,134 in the last day
+12,914 in the last week

can someone make me/ motivate me too file my comics and manga cause the stacks have been looking precarious

found a bunch of cool instances to check out after work ^_^

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