In my current campaign, I've been experimenting with going "bigger" on the story line.

The party have just reached level 6 and have already met 3 deities, are being pursued by at least 2 others, are trying to help one former deity re-ascend to godhood, have just befriended a dragon, and are just starting to realize that there are now people all over their world who are out to get them.

I was worried that a story like this might be too much. But so far it's been a lot of fun.

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My GM recently shifted to "bigger" stories with us too, and it's been a fun change of pace. When we players take a turn behind the screen, though, we still keep things lower.

@naga @Thunderfree For two of the players at this table, this is their first ever time playing .

One of them asked me, "What happens if we lose?"

I told them that most likely the BBEG wins. The world descends into darkness. Magic is taken from all but their favorite sycophants. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people die. History is altered forever.

They said "That sounds terrible."

I said "That sounds like your next campaign." 😂

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