I go through periods where I don't post anything anywhere, but I felt like sharing, and this is the only place I'll do that. :P

campaign is getting close to the end, and I'm debating letting the players go out on an over-powered high, or making them suffer for the victory. Assuming I can avoid killing them all in the epic showdown with a Vecna that wants them to be very dead.

@zee Outstanding! That's harder to pull off than it sounds. I was able to do this for my Saturday night game too. :)

Last night we had a very satisfying session. It started poorly as two players cancelled at the last minute, but we forged ahead.

And had one of the best role-played encounters yet with this group. It did involve the (temporary) death of one of the absent players.

They used the story of their fallen friend to aid an ancient creature who ultimately made a small, but touching, sacrifice so that they could revive their fallen companion.

Real tears were shed. It was lovely.

@hannahwritegood Sky Krakens? πŸ˜‚

My current campaign has mild similarities! The party is guarding/guiding/helping a re-incarnated goddess of magic.

Their power was taken to power a spell long ago, and three seeds of new power were hidden around the world to re-grow in time.

That time is now, so they are working on retrieving those seeds of power to help the goddess re-ascend. Various other semi-deities want those seeds of power too, of course.

@hannahwritegood I'm in the same boat re: and a home-brewed world. I am interested in hearing more about what you're doing. I may shamelessly steal ideas. :)

Had one of those moments in last night's game where the party took an unexpected turn, and I improvised a magical travel system, created by the Sidhe (hey guys, we have the Sidhe in this campaign now, surprise!) through a fey forest. And it ended up being way better than my original plan.

Later, I was complimented on how detailed and intricate my planning and story-telling is for this forest.

"Aww, thanks so much! That means a lot to me!"

It's the little things.

A player wanted to test a feature of a new magic sword, to see what it did when it killed something. Lacking any enemies, they sought out a butcher shop to see if they could pay to kill a creature that was up to be slaughtered for meat.

The rest of the party, having slain obvious and potential enemies galore, was horrified when the animal was killed. This led to a spirited, in-character, debate.

I enjoyed every minute of it.

@anahata@tabletop.social That is creative! But at least in 5e, it does limit you to one at a time, as it is a concentration spell.

@jsalvador SQL Server Express is free, and though limited, is plenty capablefor practice and testing purposes.
I would not recommend SQL Server on linux. But if it doesn't have to be Microsoft, postgres is lovely!

@naga @Thunderfree For two of the players at this table, this is their first ever time playing .

One of them asked me, "What happens if we lose?"

I told them that most likely the BBEG wins. The world descends into darkness. Magic is taken from all but their favorite sycophants. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people die. History is altered forever.

They said "That sounds terrible."

I said "That sounds like your next campaign." πŸ˜‚

In my current campaign, I've been experimenting with going "bigger" on the story line.

The party have just reached level 6 and have already met 3 deities, are being pursued by at least 2 others, are trying to help one former deity re-ascend to godhood, have just befriended a dragon, and are just starting to realize that there are now people all over their world who are out to get them.

I was worried that a story like this might be too much. But so far it's been a lot of fun.

DMing two games this week.

One is an on-going campaign, where I've planned out the next several narrative beats already, and created maps and generally gotten ready for it.

Then three days later I'm running a one-shot for 5 8th level characters and I have no idea what I'm doing for them yet. 😬

Holidays: Survived
New Year: Survived

So far so good!

Got to play some over the break, and now back at work and wishing I was still on vacation.

I also took the opportunity to start drawing lessons, following the youtube videos from the channel. I'm terrible! But it's fun so far.

I was gifted some sort of scratchy-throat, achy sinuses kind of thing by a coworker. It's not enough to put me down, but it is surely annoying.

I am slightly under-prepared for my session this evening. But I have some lovely battle maps, and just need to guide my players into them... somehow.

I've watched all of C1. And now I'm up to C2 E31. I'm only a year behind!

It has been a *very* long week. But now I am sitting down, drinking wine, and watching .

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