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Massive delays due to weather, surprise broken plane parts part way there, emergency landing at the wrong airport, long wait, then long bus ride... But I'm finally on vacation in Key West!

I'm excited to be heading to Key West for vacation. Been a long time since I've taken a trip like this. 👍

Found a new (to me) GUI client named Fork ( and I am just delighted by it. It's fast, feature rich, and painless so far.

I started DMing a new 5e D&D game. But I made a tactical error in that all of my friends were invited to play and they all accepted and we've played 6 times now in my new campaign and I don't have anyone to talk to about it because spoilers. 😬

I receive so many spam calls now (spoofed, making it past the spam-blocking) that I've become convinced the only answer is making a bloody spectacle of whomever is behind them. 🗡️

After almost two decades I decided to get back into playing in-person D&D and I have no regrets.

I'm finally getting close to being able to go to the beach on vacation... And there's a hurricane on the way.

I started the day 30 minutes late for a meeting, and I haven't caught up yet.

Went to see "The Happy Time Murders" tonight. (no spoilers) It seemed to be a narrative mess, but had some really funny moments? It tried to be really outrageous. I'm... not sure I'm glad I saw it yet.

This is amazing. I didn't know that this was a thing. Acrobatics/dance in a wind tunnel!

TIL that there are new Steven Universe episodes out and now I have a plan for when I get home tonight.

I am physically present at my desk at work. But mentally I'm already on vacation. Ready to be by a river in the mountains! :janiawoo:

Yay! I get to go take some vacation time in a log cabin by a river.

I have the same problem on all social media. I sign up, think "This is great!" Follow a bunch of people, and then have no idea what to share. So I stay quiet and lurk.

But I do appreciate all of y'all sharing so much more interesting and funny stuff than I can come up with.

A switch from wintery mix back to highs in the mid 70s. What a winter.

My employer observes President's day as a holiday... So I find myself facing a three-day weekend. 👍

Finally defeated a particularly nasty strep infection. Maybe I should have had my tonsils removed as a child after all.

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