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Hello everyone! I am an app developer making apps for Linux based on GNOME, and I would like to receive your patronage over at my Ko-fi:


I have setup a mirror birdsite account just so my content reaches people over there.

Some more end-of-year updates for Dot Matrix and Khronos.

Khronos now has tagging functionality...

... and Dot Matrix has a new resizable (with preferences) canvas and non-destructive Undo/Redo!


Now, with those two updates released, I'll be on dev break until January 5th next year.

Also if your Notejot app opened with a blank screen today, it's easy to fix things:

- Update Notejot again in flatpak
- Go to /home/<user>/.var/app/io.github.lainsce.Notejot/config/glib-2.0/settings and change in keyfile the schema_version from 1 to 0.

That way your notes are safely migrated over.

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New versions of Notejot, Dot Matrix, Colorway and Emulsion have landed!

They sport a new design that's possible with libadwaita, and in the case of Notejot, @nahuelwexd helped me rewrite the backend to be rock-solid.

Next up is rewriting Khronos to have the same rock-solid backend, and also follow this design.

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Half the reason things don’t get done in any given project is that there are too many things to do, and not enough time - or not enough developers.

Just a taste of what libadwaita can make, today, happen in apps. The floating button is a creation of mine on top, but all the rest can be done with libadwaita. ❤️

Due to some serious bugs when handling data, I'll have to stop porting Khronos to Rust and deal with the bug soon.

It's at least 8 coffees in Starbucks in price, to put in perspective. So if 8 people contribute €4, it'd already would have been met.

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I wish more people pledged over at my Ko-fi and helped an indie developer have a minimal sustainable income of at least €30...

This lil' something is called Colorway!

It's meant to create palettes following color rules like analogous, triadic, etc, and export the resulting palette strip as image in your clipboard for pasting somewhere else.

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Emulsion 3.1.0 has a personal experiment with the headerbar coming to it.
I personally think this kind of thicker headerbar conveys a better UI for a view-based app like this.

I have moved away from Patreon and into Ko-Fi, because Patreon's fees were just damaging my patronage.

My Ko-Fi link is:

Hello everyone! I am an app developer making apps for Linux based on GNOME, and I would like to receive your patronage over at my Ko-fi:


Notejot 3.2.0 is now released, which brings Pinned Notes, and some UI changes such as the search bar being always visible and the Notes having their titles back from the old styling in older versions.

It begins...

I am rewriting Khronos from the ground up in Rust. Right now it's 33% done. :blobaww:

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Going to start learning gtk-rs and Rust to finally start porting my apps to Rust and enjoy life outside Vala. :thonking:

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