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Boost if you’re a Sora. Favorite if you’re a Xehanort

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Maybe YOU should be stripped naked and run out for making a mockery of this court!

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I do my best thinking when I’m minutes away from falling asleep and when trying to remember a recent dream

What the fuck is UP who wanna look under some logs for beetles

Hey guys I want you to know I’m drunk and I love uu. I’m bi and I cannot be killled...

I’m still on tumblr but all I see is blurred faces from people who followed me for years

The clearest sign of tumblr’s horny ban was that the first thing I saw logging on was a link to Thomas Sanders’ blog

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You ever think about how awful the word mouthfeel is

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now just WHAT in tarnation is all this yeehaw about berries,,,

Lookin for people to hang with and chat about dnd who's down

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