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அவர் உரை என்பார் இவர் உரை என்பார் குறளுக்கு பெருஞ்சித்தனார் உரை கண்டுணராதோர் 😍

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Once you understand that:

You are not the first person to deal with these problems.

There are people out there experiencing the same problems as you at this moment.

There are people out there experiencing way worse problems than you.

You might gain some perspective.

தமிழ்நாடு தொல்லியல் துறையின் பயிற்சிப் பட்டறையில் கலந்து கொள்ள வேண்டுமா ?

Sometimes just driving in the dark in highway with soul music on. Bliss. But then you arrive and the music stops.

Black coffee almost feels like a warm person embracing you on a chilly morning. Dont be fooled by sunshine my dear 😍😍

Tomorrow is another day to make a difference... bit more compassionate bit more tolerant bit more fun

Good conversations can begin with..... How was your day ?! or I hope you are gonna have a fantastic time or Have a nice rest of the evening.

Instead we all choose to continue the convo from morning where we were upset with someone cos the coffee was cold not sweet enough or not bitter enough.

Every single day each and every one of us faces something nice or nasty.

Never lose sight of what keeps us alive and brimming with joy.

Sometimes you have to let people do their thang. Thats all

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When you finally chill with friends... Its too late. Everyone shows up in their busy schedule cos you are leaving 🤣🤣🤣🤣

When you dont eat fruits at all and have to finish all fruits in the house. You make it a juice diet

Ex boss calls and asks if I can go back. I will have the freedom to work in different but a slightly less important role. Dude ... You are a narcissist and I chose not to work for you anymore. STFU and GL

It takes exactly 5 minutes for the car seat and steering wheel warmers to warm up. 5 long minutes 😂😂

Seeing some twitter pathins tweets. Now if i see some kalla kathal folks then the platform has reached its full potential. All platforms are acceptable for kalla kathal i guess

When people say love marriages are problematic to parents and relatives. Think of it. Marriage is a problem to them not love 💕

You dont have to know everything there is to know about anything and everything. Thats not very attractive rather very very repulsive. You do make the other person very uncomfortable 🙃

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