Proud of how the server architecture of and the code of Mastodon is keeping up with the load, but wishing for this to transform into new Mastodon servers springing up.

If you were considering starting a Mastodon server, right now would be a pretty good time. Anyone can do it from source, see docs:

There are also hosting providers (not affiliated with me) which are super easy to work with without technical knowledge, like and


@Gargron It really does look like it's really well built. What programming language is it built on?

@Gargron better than python for sure imo. Why did you choose it over other programming languages? I'm studying computer engineering and everything around federated social networks just astonishes me

@laliberacion_de_berlin Well, I was a Ruby developer already. I love the language though. It might be slower than others but it's very pleasant to use. Saves so much time thanks to its ecosystem and it's very elegant to read and write.

@Gargron @laliberacion_de_berlin Do you recommend any book or page to learn how to use Ruby? I'm interested in this world but I don't know how I could start.

@nikov @laliberacion_de_berlin I've never read a book about Ruby... I learned from the Rails documentation, reading other open-source Rails projects code, reading code of Ruby gems, etc, over a long period of time. It was always as part of having something to build, so rather than abstractly learning the language, I needed to do x, so I looked up how to do that.

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