With pain, regret and a hefty, uncomfortable feeling, I ditched CopperheadOS today. Switched to LineageOS 15 - no root, no GApps, no bullshit.

Positive note: it bugged me I missed the latest vendor, radio and bootloader. Flashed those right away and got everything up and running in no time.

@h3artbl33d i did this a while ago. I really loved cos but there's only so much a single developer can do, and trusting an os w/o multiple active developers seems sheepish in retrospective.

That being said, the mentioned single developer claimed multiple times that linageos is actually worse security-wise than an updated stock (or a ios-device) :flan_shrug:


Yeah. I am still hoping it might be revived, perhaps under a different name (Micay hinted he might revive it). Staying with Copperhead - well, even if it were to be revived, trust is broken and needs to be rebuilt.

Micay hinted b/c the monthlies may be fake/lied to, by merely changing the update string. I've done proper due diligence, the LOS 15 build for bullhead does actually integrate each and every monthly. Snoopsnitch is able to audit this - requires root (1/2).



Installed LOS with root, ran Snoopsnitch, report was proper and clean, reflashed with no root.

However, it IS missing full verified boot, can't be relocked, etc. I've drastically limited and changed the personal info on the device.

Going to keep a keen eye on COS, Micay and the Purism Librem 5, bound to be released January 2019 (2/2)

@lambiase @mk_f

Yeah I did. Unfortunately I am still using bullhead, Rattlesnake is Pixel only. Very much doubting about the next phone, as Librem 5 might alsof be viable.

@h3artbl33d @lambiase

Same situation. while rattlesnackos looks promising, it suffers from the same problem cos did, it essentially is a one-man-show. And i am not exactly sure how i feel about building on AWS-Infrastructure.

Lets hope Librem 5 really takes of.

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