Heyo fedi! I‘m lampy, an appreciator of cozy pixel art n things. Making games too, sometimes. Most of the stuff I do nowadays is pixely pieces.

Also working on a small tool to make workind on pix-tex easier in blender+aseprite. It shows UV map in the editor, and updates textures on the model in real time, without needing to export files. There's some sprite animation helpers as well.

Although productivity is a struggle, I have other ideas brewing and hope to present them someday. Let's get along🙌

@lampysprites YESSS ur here too :D
startin to feel more like home

@lampysprites oh hey! My partner and I played the chicken game in our run of games from an itch bundle.

He watched in horror as my 20 years latent skills as a DDR player had me surviving for 30 mins.

@cratesmith knew it needed a separate scoreboard for rhythm players... thanks for playing!

@lampysprites Oh yo! I remember seeing that greenhouse ages ago on Twitter (Tumblr?) and falling in love! You perfectly captured the way low poly and 2.5D pixel art can *feel* so immersive and warm and the way it allows imagination to take over and fill the gaps. Psyched to see more of your art in the future :)

@landeg whoa dae remember twitter? thanks, hope it holds up to the expectations😌

@lampysprites Dang, this is some nice low-poly and pixel art!

@lampysprites Nice ! Makes me think of a more detailed version of the "hi-bits" esthetic in games such as *Octopath Traveller* or *Triangle Strategy* !
Is it hard to do animations with this kind of style?

@lertsenem if you mean sprite animation in 3d scene, it depends on the desired amount of interplay between 3d and 2d layers. If there's none, it's usual spiriting. Otherwise, there's extra things to consider when drawing, and some cheesing for depth order at 3d stage. Welcome to the fediverse! I love your art! ​:nachoneko_smile:​

@lampysprites Big fan of your mix of pixel art and 3d low poly! I follow you on twitter and now here. =D

@lampysprites oh my god I love your art styles so much!

The 3D vegetable bed and avatar in particular are so cool! Are they low poly models with pixel-art textures on top, and do you use a post processing filter to apply the overall pixelized affect?

@lampysprites also I think a game in that colorful 3d/low-poly/low-res art style would be maybe one of my favorite things :3

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