Multi-national corporations are just colonialism by another name.

is just bean water. is just leaf water.

Crazy to think I used to believe they would send my soul to .

Took the bus for the first time since last March to take my dog to his yearly checkup. It felt very strange to be in a small metal tube with a handful of strangers.

I miss it. But I'm also terrified I picked up one of the new mutant strains lol

is dead. (and other browser) are no longer supporting it in any way.

So glad there are emulators out there to preserve the fun history of the early internet ( in particular comes to mind), but good riddance. We won't miss the security holes it brought.

Wrote up all the things I wish would do now that they have the and . Most won't happen, but I think a few might work their way into policy over the next two years!

finally had his account suspended.

Should've happened ages ago.

is encouraging insurrection.

It's absolutely time after today's storming of the .

The podcast is fantastic. It's got a hopeful message that shines through all the despair we face right now.

The gears are turning! We're starting to address the crisis. Just gotta step on the gas.

Great job ! This kind of action is sorely needed.

It'd be better were it a law instead of an executive action that could be cancelled by the next governor, but it's a start!

Got my flu shot today!

With floating around, critical mass for the flu vaccine is a must.

Get your shot!

Finished start to finish and collected all 120 stars this weekend!

Really fun to revisit that classic, but damn do those camera controls suck.

Found a bug in the Dire, Dire Docks level in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars version of !

Bowser's sub never goes away on any of the stars, so there are no poles to jump on to get the 100 coin star and the red coin star.

If hypocritically pushes through a nominee this close to the election, I'm going to riot.

2020 just keeps on being the absolute worst.

What I wouldn't do for a beer right now...

Living in a household is utter hell. Can't wait to get back to .


reading " is a f***ing idiot" into the congressional record is still one of my favorite soundbites ever 😂

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