The podcast is fantastic. It's got a hopeful message that shines through all the despair we face right now.

The gears are turning! We're starting to address the crisis. Just gotta step on the gas.

Great job ! This kind of action is sorely needed.

It'd be better were it a law instead of an executive action that could be cancelled by the next governor, but it's a start!

Got my flu shot today!

With floating around, critical mass for the flu vaccine is a must.

Get your shot!

Finished start to finish and collected all 120 stars this weekend!

Really fun to revisit that classic, but damn do those camera controls suck.

Found a bug in the Dire, Dire Docks level in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars version of !

Bowser's sub never goes away on any of the stars, so there are no poles to jump on to get the 100 coin star and the red coin star.

If hypocritically pushes through a nominee this close to the election, I'm going to riot.

2020 just keeps on being the absolute worst.

What I wouldn't do for a beer right now...

Living in a household is utter hell. Can't wait to get back to .


reading " is a f***ing idiot" into the congressional record is still one of my favorite soundbites ever 😂

Oh boy, getting to that point where I'm overwhelmed with how awful the world is.

Living in makes it so much harder to ignore. They're so backwards when compared to .

Plastic bags at the grocery store alone is enough to send me into a tizzy. Living with parents who don't respect the environment makes it even worse.

Can't wait to move back to .

Finally deleted my account! is my new micro-blogging home 😊

The is only 4 percent of the global population, yet we have 25 percent of the world's infections and population.

What if... what if WE'RE the ?

So weird watching the sitting president break the law during the . Not surprising, but damn, that was blatant.

is the worst state for women's equality, with second to last:

Not surprising, when a huge chunk of the population belongs to a patriarchal religion.

I grew up in these states. Took me years to undo the misogynist programming.

It's weird to think that some people have never played a game...

Our meat production practices are absolutely horrific. Seeing the inhumane conditions we keep animals in was a huge reason I went .

We need to stop if we don't want to see even more pandemics in the future.

Trump will easily be on the list of worst presidents ever. I don't understand how people still consider voting for him.

Y'all do know you can vote down ballot and for President and potentially still end up with a political climate you'd be comfortable with, right?

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