Those answers include:
1. A much more progressive tax system
2. Unionized jobs guarantee to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure
3. Regulation of many markets, including big tech
4. Universal health care

None of this shit is socialist, but it would drastically improve lives.

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Maybe I'm hitting my phase at age 30 because I was in the horribly thought-repressed during college...

Buuuuut then you look at where capitalism got us and it's clear something has to change. My preferred avenue is , but there are other answers.

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If you trade time for money, you're part of the , just like me.

The is a fiction used to divide us and keep us from organizing.

Reject that capitalist notion, and join the rest of us in fighting for a better world for *all* 🌹

People always told me I'd become more conservative after I got a job and grew up.

It's been just the opposite lol

I'm a proud because that will lead to better flourishing for all our citizens, rather than just the capitalists.

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👋🏻 , , and everyone calling anything that's not late-stage capitalism evil or (BTW, those are related but markedly different philosophies),

I'm a radicalized because the system you build is broken.

Fix it, and we go away.

Can anyone say ?

I'm happy to have a stadium not named after a brand or company, but wow, "Climate Pledge Arena" is such a bad name...

and , you're still a giant piece of garbage.

I'm paying more attention to and rhetoric, and it's insane how devoid of substance it is.

I never hear actual policy discussions from talking heads on @Foxnews, @Breitbart, etc.

So many ad hominem attacks meant to stoke fear of a strawman radical left.

Alrighty, who else is up for a new flag? Let's get the slaveholder off of it and do a flag celebrating the amazing beauty we have in this state!

Can we take the slavers off our currency now? I'd love a redesign with a modern, clean, colorful take. No more of this ugly greenback shit.

So many improvements to be made! Make each denomination a different size, put a significant event (instead of a person) on each bill!

Ugh, there's so much disinformation online about .

I live two blocks from there and walk around it each day. It's a super chill place and people are free to come and go as they please.

to get an accurate picture of what's happening.

Our policing budgets are absurdly high and non-representative of the danger and threats faced in our cities. We are not at war, but we fund the police like we are.

We need because . It's a systemic issue, one partially fueled by an inflated police budget.

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When the very people who are supposed to protect us needlessly attack peaceful protestors, you know police culture is rotten to the core.

When people are complaining about unemployment benefits paying out more than minimum wage jobs, the problem isn't with high benefits...

The problem is our abysmally low federal minimum wage.

Some great ideas about saving and improving the so it can continue to be a sterling example of government done right and serving its citizens, from .

Time to put a more positive tweet out there:

I haven't killed my new spider plant yet! I got it right before lockdown and it's still going strong.

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