Of course is doing this!

We don't have regulations to keep owners of digital markets from participating in it themselves, with the advantage of having data on literally every other seller.

We need to do some major trust busting.

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@lanesawyer is this not the same thing tho as when grocery stores make their own brand of a thing? I’m sure they look at the sales data when they plan a new product right?

@nickchuckwalter Yeah, definitely similar. I think the difference for me here is a matter of scale.

Amazon sells in practically every single consumer goods category. All that data is a significant advantage, since you can connect trends across consumer good categories.

That's something physical retailers can't do since they're more or less all specialty stores compared to the one-stop-shop that is Amazon.

@lanesawyer well I'd say Walmart or Target is in the same ballpark but I see what you mean for other places

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