my mastodon brain rot stops me from living a healthy life without hearing the toots regularly

hey remember when this place was taken over by kinnies for like. a week.

unironically marx is my top pick for smash, i can't imagine any character that would be a better inclusion than him

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tbh i know we on this site joke about straight people a lot but shout out and love to any straight trans people i love you with all my heart and i would do anything for you

does anyone remember the egg laying steven universe au?

youtubers be like: HEY GUYS! youtuberhereandwelcornemenebackssjatoanotherervidio AND today we're going to--

this is now a homonormative website. be gay or DIE.

i love acronyms!
brb: be right back
smh: shaking my head
rip: rest in piss

"but can you imagine, a place where everyone's identical to you?" yeah thats called utopia

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the last thing you see before you die is a mastodon style feed of people reacting to your death

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