Spontaneity is a virtue in today’s world.

sosyalleseyim diye bir davete icabet ettim. bildigin gelin-damatsiz dugun. millet ne cok seviyor oynamayi. bir daha efendi gibi asosyalligimi korur, boyle acinasi girisimlerde bulunmam.

finally bought my dream -ergonomic- keyboard and mx 3 master mouse. can't wait for them.

su ifsa muhabbetleri beni oyle soguttu ki son uc yildir kimseye mesaj atmadim.

playstation 5 dijital surumu ₺7,200’e almistim. uc ay gecti, su anda ₺12,900. pes.

ipad mini almak istiyorum. 5,700 su an. almazsam ocak'ta 9.000 lira filan olur muhtemelen.

i really miss donald trump, he had a good energy. he promised to take u.s. troops back from afghanistan and other locations and got a serious backlash from the u.s. (all democrat) media. now biden did what trump said and took back the troops, nobody is protesting him. if trump was in the office the media would have gone berserk.

hellblade: senua’s sacrifice’s atmosphere is absorbing. a good headset contributes a lot.

most secure methods are the ones which have already become obsolete, like keeping your files on a floppy disk, or even using a commodore 64 for writing etc.

i do not believe that a solution to violence can be found in changing the law; since the ones who resort to violence are never afraid of being punished by the law. on the contrary, they are so fearless that they even kill themselves after killing other people. a person who doesn’t care about hurting himself would never change his mind because of the law, which threathens to punish him; since he is already ready to punish himself.

i wish i never had to earn my living. i feel so exhausted that even though i have free time in the evenings, no energy remains from the day —just the exhaustion and a headache.

for at least one month i will not drink alcohol, i will even go for a walk or run every two days. need to pull myself together.

whenever i want challenge i play video games and whenever i feel lazy i watch movies or TV shows.

action is the real deal —not idle talk. in fact, nowadays, all talk is idle talk.

words have no power in today’s world. one hundred years ago they had some power but now they do not. whatever one might say will change nothing. praxis is the only transformative power source. words just do not have weigh anymore. words do not determine.

i somehow need to get rid of drinking twice every week.

ek$i'nin kuruldugu 1999 yilindan 2003'e kadarki donem altin yillariymis. rezil halde simdi.

just finished alien: isolation. this is -and will be- one of the best games i have ever played.

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