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There are many people I dislike. Even despise.

It has nothing to do with their religion or who they worship.

It has everything to do with their character, personality, integrity, empathy, kindness, sincerity, values. Or the lack thereof.

I hope I never become someone who will judge another based on the god/gods they worship. Or, even view them through a biased prism.

An affidavit in Delhi High Court states:

* Yes Bank disbursed dubious loans worth thousands of crores to Indiabulls Group

* In turn, Indiabulls Hsng Finance Ltd lent over Rs 2,000 cr to companies controlled by Rana's wife & daughters.

This Yes Bank saga is a can of worms.

There's no more shame in bribery and corruption.
No more penalities for immoral and illegal actions.
It's all out in the open and people watch this reality show in silence and abject apathy.
People who are crying out loud for justice and fair play are in a miniscule minority.

- @SheilaPrema on Twitter

Economy has hit a low.
Politics has hit a low.
Stock Market is scaling new highs.


"A country is not just what it does, it is also what it tolerates.
- Kurt Tucholsky"

The Nazi regime had zero tolerance. It "persecuted & victimised members of various groups that it considered ENEMIES of the Reich."

"The concentration camp's law is that those going to their death should be deceived until the very end.
- Tadeusz Borowski"


"Apply anti-Jewish policy gradually taking into account attitude of the local population"

"Racist legislation & a policy of aryanization & discrimination"

Eventually, "Ghettos for extermination".

What hurt Jews was "icy arctic indifference"

"Their fate was decided by German polity & the stance of majority of sty who reacted with APATHY"

"The atmosphere of fear the Nazis imposed, led many to deny obvious crimes against Jews who had lived in their midst for centuries"

The strategy....

1) "Establish Jews as a distinct & destructive race to be separated from German society"

2) Ensure a "nationalist movement to reinforce the isolated status of the Jew as the other"

3) "Establish a legal foundation for the principle of racial separation"

Goal: "Implementation of anti-Jewish policies"

How the Nazis did it:


"The planners & executers of the Final Solution operated with a sense of historic mission to create a new world order based on Nazi principles. Their motivation for participating voluntarily in the extermination of the Jews was IDEOLOGICAL."

Because it was IDEOLOGICAL, the hatred was spewed not just by the masses swayed by Hitler's ideology.

A number of Nazis were intellectuals who "had attended university, and some held doctorates in subjects such as Law, Political Science, Philosophy"


On a visit to the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem, I jotted down points that seemed very relevant in today's polarised & toxic society.

Substitute Jews with Muslims/Christians.

What is in "quotes" is copied verbatim.


The Nazis "found in anti-Semitism a comprehensive & simplistic explanation for their situation & fears".

They implemented "a political programme that enlisted the resources of the German NATION to provide an immediate solution to the 'Jewish problem'."

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India's Home Minister made a blatantly false statement on the floor of the Parliament !

India's premier news paper published his statement, w/o caveats or fact check !!

India, as a nation, is an assault on facts, credibility & even common-sense !

Public sector banks reported frauds of over Rs 95,700 crore between April-September 2019.

WT bloody F!!!!
Where are the Chowkidars?

I recently met up with some investors.
Marwadis. Gujaratis. Modi fans
They were worried about the economy.
The Consumption story has gone for a toss.
The so called Demographic dividend is nothing great cause the quality of education & skill set is extremely low.

They emphasized: The govt has to intervene. The govt must stop being in denial.

Reminds me of the 'Jesus was Italian jokes".

What PM Modi has in common with Jesus.

Both born in poverty.
Both became world famous.
The establishment rejected them.
One was crucified by the Romans, the other by liberals. Both are frequently depicted with their mothers.

RT: @KrantiSaran who gives credit to "Gotta B. Kidin'me" for this humour.

First everyone cries that Muslims don't integrate.

When one of them learns Sanskrit (which most Indians don't know) they don't like it.

So it's not about Sanskrit.
It's just about hatred.
Nothing that they do is right.

The saga of Hindu students not wanting an Indian Muslim to teach them Sanskrit, makes no sense.
If a white man came forward to teach Sanskrit, they would fall at his feet.
It's not about Sanskrit. It's about their hatred for Muslims. And that seems to determine all behaviour.

We should all go back in history to the Neanderthal age and trace who persecuted / wronged / killed whom.

Best use of our time.

If we are the surviving descendants of 300,000+ years of evolution, am quite certain each of us has an ancestor who has indulged in some barbaric act.

RT @gordonmax

I have realized that Sanghis are so full of hate that even images of children and regular folk in Gaza don't move them.
They are consumed by hate.
They are defined by hate.

The Income Tax Dept raided over 40 locations linked to contractors of Shivsena controlled BMC.

The timing speaks volumes of the petty, vicious mind of the Fuhrer.

RT @MyFellowIndian

Realize how insecure we are? What a deep rooted inferiority complex we have?

Can't fight Sabrimala on its own, bring in other places of worship.

Can't feel good about India unless we compare with Pakistan.

Can't feel good about out faith unless we bitch about Christianity/Islam.

Tweet of @myfellowindians

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The real import of Vodafone global head’s statement was missed by many.He said the company’s headquarter has formally written down its investment in India ( over $ 15 billion) to zero in its books.This was the single biggest FDI ever. No wonder bank stocks fell fell sharply


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