During this year's Google Summer of Code, Anmol will implement optional real-time texting in Dino. Real-time text means that text is transmitted and displayed to the receiver while it is being typed. Anmol will write about his progress here: wolfieanmol.github.io/gsoc-blo #Dino #XMPP #GSoC

2 questions:

1. What measurements will be taken to mitigate identification through typing rhythm/pattern by an adversary

2. Why is this chosen for the GSoC instead of a adding an additional option for e2e encryption by default? (or something similar that supports e2e encryption that is not accidentally turned off)



@syster @dino

2. GSoC is for students that are new to open-source contributions and work on a project for 3 months straight. Students propose their project, with some suggestions provided by the project maintainers (which act as mentors throughout the summer).

Depending on what you include in the goal of enabling e2ee by default, it's either far less than 3 months of work or requires deep understanding of crypto which you can hardly expect from most students.

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