Looking for a few people to test the Exposure Notifications API of @microg

- Update your microG to
- Install and set up your local gov corona tracing app
- Verify that microG settings has Exposure Notifications enabled and shows the app as using it
- When you are in public tomorrow, go to microG settings again and verify that "Collected IDs" shows a higher number
- Report back here with device name and android version+rom


@larma @microg German Corona app seems to need a permission that is not there...

Looks more like the update to the .apk failed.

@larma seems like something was wrong with my MicroG setup... I deinstalled it completely and reinstalled via MinMicroG and after that installed the update from above and now it seems to work... let's try in the wilderness today xD

@larma @jr I have the same issue... Lets see if I can fix it the same way

@larma @microg I'd love to test, but I can't install microG until the HTTP 404 for the migration zip linked in the lineage to lineage+microg migration guide is fixed..

@Kurt @larma @microg Well that's nice for them, but flashing a zip that some random person uploaded is not really an option for me.. I could unzip it and see if it's doing anything shady, but I don't really have the time to do so

@larma @microg I cannot activate the notifications, and the German CWA does not recognize the services. Tested with Lineage 16.0 on Sony XperiaX.

@mase can you please show your microG self-check?

@mase no Signature spoofing no contact tracking. Try

@Kurt Lineage MicroG is not available for my device. I have to use an unoffocial build.

@Kurt @larma I patched my device with the nanodroid patcher, and signature spoofing works now. But I am still unable to activate the exposure notifications. Removing and reinstalling the microg core did not help.

@mase That one also needs to be fixed first. You probably need to manually enable signature spoofing permission (through system settings or adb) for the FakeStore app.

@larma @Kurt Thx for your help to get it to run, and thx for the great work with MicroG.

@larma @microg field test seems to work ✅

Samsung J5 2015 (SM-J500FN), LOS 17.1

@larma @microg lineageOS 4 microG 16.0 #coronawarnapp works fine on Samsung S5 klte

@larma @microg I'm getting random FCs from microG service core. Maybe due to a previously installed home-built version?

Läuft. Mal sehen was morgen raus kommt. Danke.

@larma @microg it's working now. FakeStore was missing the sig spoof permission.

@technicallypossible @larma @microg seems like Fakestore/Phonesky also needs sig spoofing permission to get it working...

@larma @microg I'm testing with the Austrian App ("Stopp Corona") on Lineageos 17.1 with Microg on a oneplus3 and it seems to be working fine.
I'll report back with more data tomorrow.

@larma @microg
24 hours later, I lost around 60% battery without charging so the battery usage doesn't seem excessive.
And the overview reports around 60 collected IDs (I didn't leave the house, so there were not many phones in proximity).

@larma @microg motorola e 1st generation "condor" lineageOS 14.1 nanodroid patcher. MicroG and fakestore as user app. #coronawarnapp running and collecting IDs

@larma @microg after collecting 21 IDs the collecting stopped. Phone was close to a phone running GApps and CWA

@larma @microg installed gsf proxy (my fault not installed it together with microG) rebooted. Now its collecting again.

@Kurt Looks like you are running into the same issue as and given you are also using LOS 14.1 this is probably some issue specific to energy saving implementation features in Android 7.1

@larma yes. Disabling and enabling exposure logging restarted collecting.

@Kurt I updated the .apk at to include the latest commit which is supposed to fix this issue (and also safe a bit of battery)

@larma @Kurt the tracing app stipped working and I had random crashes when opening the tracing specific settings of microg, installed this new update and it works again

@larma just installed a moto e2 lte surnia with updated apk. And crDroid nougat. Still collecting after 3 hours.

@larma @Kurt OnePlus 3T LineageOS 17.1
German App suddenly stopped working, microG stopped showing collected IDs. No idea why. After installing the update it works again and remembered the old IDs, let's see how stable it is now.

@larma nougat roms lineageOS crDroid/e/ - on moto condor surnia and Samsung galaxy S3. Still counting with core-en September 9th

@larma @microg works great for me. Using Corona Warn App since aprox. 4-5 hours and collected 260 IDs. Hit me up if I can help with anything

@larma @microg
Pocophone F1 with MicroG Lineageos 16.0
Appears to work, 291 IDs collected

@larma @microg number of IDs much higher than when at home. Using a OnePlus 7 Pro running lineage4microg (latest build). Let me know if you need more

@larma @microg I've tried this last one app in Spain but it doesn't work. I get this error

@juliusssss Is everything ticked in self-check in microG settings?

@juliusssss Install FakeStore app and grant signature spoofing permission to it via system settings.

It's working now. Thanks for your help.
If there is something I can do, I'll be glad to help you :)

@larma @microg

Just installed. It is collecting:

Sony Xperia XA2,
Lineages OS 17.1 (by

@larma @microg

Working on oneplus3 (ONEPLUS A3003), lineageos microg fork, v. 17.1.
Client app: Immuni

@larma @microg
Wie können wir die Installation retten, ohne die IDs zu verlieren? 2 Gigabyte!

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