This is why I use the mastodon app on my personal computer!! Better for your back!! 😂

@selfisekai @larrycsonka actually, I'm wondering: @lain, can we get an anime with the Plerona-tan? pretty please :3

@lain @reds @selfisekai @moonman I asked my grandson Spencer (7) and he said I'm right, that's definitely anime!!

@larrycsonka @lain @selfisekai @moonman Laura posted the Pleroma-tan, which is basically a mascot of Pleroma. If you don’t know, Pleroma is a more lightweight alternative to Mastodon with lost of cool features, while still retaining compatibility with the rest of the fediverse (this way we can actually talk right now, I’m writing from pleroma)

@selfisekai @reds thanks for clearing that up!! 😆 I knew I was right all along!!

@larrycsonka idk, bending yourself into the shape of an m can't be good for your back either :blobcatthinking:

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