In the next few month we will invest significantly into Nextcloud Social to make it a full member of the decentralised Mastodon open source fediverse using open standards like ActivityPub. Who wants to help and contribute?

EU Parlament beschließt Verbot fest verbauter Akkus. Zudem soll bis 2026 eine Recyclingquote von 90% erreicht werden.... Endlich! Defekte Akkus waren seit Jahren bei mir der Hauptgrund warum zahlreiche Geräte ausgetauscht werden mussten.

Be kind to your contemporary peers, resist pressure to turn your discoveries into forbidden knowledge that is banned from being freely used or built upon for the next couple of decades. Let others be inspired, stand your your shoulders and see further, make prior art not patents.

Gibts eigentlich irgendjemand der Office 365 in Schulen gut findet? Neben Eltern, Schüler, Lehrer sind jetzt auch noch Informatiker dagegen:

I really like what Schleswig-Holstein in Germany is pulling together here. As it doesn't make sense that every federal state has to start from scratch, they aim to "build up a network of partner organisations focused on open source, including national and international public services, experts, software companies and data centres, and to cooperate increasingly with communities." Further Schleswig-Holstein increasingly share its own software as .

You want digital sovereignty? Than you have to chose Free Software! Otherwise you will never be in control and for example other might decide if it is worth supporting your mother language.

Did you know that uses for their chat? Isn't it ironic that while large parts of the software freedom movement consider XMPP as outdated and refuse to use it, companies building commercially successful proprietary and centralized solutions on top of it... 🤔

"If Europe, through the GAIA-X initiative, would set a goal of 50% of government IT spending on open source, on-premises solutions by 2025 and 100% by 2030, Europe's Digital Sovereignty would be guaranteed and it would give its local businesses what is needed to catch up and make Europe a leading global digital player."

The French government switched to Matrix, the German government evaluates free, open and federated messaging solutions, Nextcloud Talk became a great Slack replacement, public authorities in Germany consider a mass exodus from Twitter & Co after EuGH ruling, next stop Mastodon... Seems like we have both, the (political) momentum and the technology to make 2020 a great year for the free & open internet!

Warum wird durch Steuergelder finanzierte Software nicht als Freie Software veröffentlicht? Mit "Public Money? Public Code!" wollen wir hierfür die nötigen Grundlagen schaffen.


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