Just received a brand new Latvian Euro coin as change. I'll count it as a good sign for tomorrow.

It's Friday night, the film is going to begin in 5 minutes, and so far I'm the only person in the theatre. That's a first.

I really, really, strongly, dislike that symbols-a4.pdf is not a valid domain name

should I make a Cogen/cogent joke in a talk on property testing


Add an arrow to all internal links that are not footnote references in CSS:

section a[href^="#"]:not([href^=""]):before {
content: '↗ ';

The polls have already opened in two countries (🇳🇱, 🇬🇧). Go vote! 🇪🇺

In 1957, when GDR stopped prosecuting most cases, West Germany still convicted 3403 people under sodomy laws.

This is also a good reminder about the history of de-criminalization of gay sex in Germany.

GDR: 1957 (no prosecution), 1968 (partial de-criminalization), 1987 (fully)
West Germany: 1969 (partial de-crim), 1975 (some more), 1994 (fully)

Maybe I should stop obsessing over U.S. Supreme Court cases.

I just read about Bowers v. Hardwick and now I'm angry.

Also, chancellor Kurz will sack far-right minister of interior affairs, which has just triggered the resignation of all FPÖ ministers. This means the coalition broke and Kurz does not have a majority anymore.

There will be new elections in Austria. That was fast.

I don't understand much Spanish, but there's a protest here that demands a re-election. What gives?

I can highly recommend the music instrument museum. They allow you to do this.

Walking through the modern art museum, found some pieces by a Marta Galindo from Cádiz, immediately thought of @Jorge__Galindo@twitter.com

I have acquired túrrons. That might have been a mistake.

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