Departed Zürich HB with one minute delay. This is outrageous.

I can highly recommend a train ride through Graubünden, by the way. It's picturesque.

That was an intense three days in Davos! But no time for rest, onwards to Lausanne for tomorrow's Scala Spree!

I like that is wearing a sweater with The Dude. I hope there's a Big Lebowski Appreciation Club in this company.

As a JVM programmer the current tagline of CGN makes me nervous

Given that I'm currently in the beautiful canton of Graubünden, I feel it is appropriate to remind everyone of this legendary speech

Excited to be giving my Prolog talk at next year!

Precisely an hour in Switzerland and people are already talking about Rivella.

Good morning Frankfurt! Where my colleagues at?

Update: it's 10pm and I'm wide awake. Sleep is cancelled.

“They stopped me before I got out of the chamber and I wasn’t going to struggle with someone wearing a huge sword on their hip.”

Of course, in British parliament, the guards have swords.

"Without the Mace, the House cannot convene or even pass laws"

TIL there is a mace in the House of Commons

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