Plan: stay awake until 8pm local time, then regular sleep

Reality: hotel check-in at 3pm, bed is very alluring, wake up at midnight local time

You can only buy tickets for the monorail with cash. This doesn't compute.

The mobility assistance vehicles play music that I can only describe as stereotypically Japanese.

Had to run, but managed to obtain my luggage, recheck it and proceed to the gate. Everyone here is super helpful.

Boarding complete. See you in a (long) bit 👋

Trip is off to a good start because I can't check my luggage.

OTOH, I'll be arriving at 2am my time, so jetlagged future-me may have a different opinion.

I'm thanking past-me who thoughtfully picked a flight departing at noon.

Not concerning at all.

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bad offset: -21101
at org.mozilla.classfile.ClassFileWriter$StackMapTable.getSuperBlockFromOffset(

In JUnit 5, how would I write an extension that can run a single test method multiple times?

Not all Swedish sweets are sweet. Some of them are just sweet-ish.

Somehow this tweet made it into torrent twitter. RIP my mentions.

I'm on the phone with Comcast.

Yes, you read that right.

Wish me luck.

1) Start watching a movie on Netflix while on the train in Switzerland.
2) Train crosses border.
3) Movie is not available in Germany.
4) Arrive without knowing the end ☹

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