Even though she's not here in person, @yifan_xing_e@twitter.com is giving an awesome remote presentation @typelevel@twitter.com

Refining types with @_romac@twitter.com (and @fst9000@twitter.com eagerly listening in the audience) @typelevel@twitter.com

A bunch of towers with rings or something @denisrosset@twitter.com @typelevel@twitter.com

Resounding applause for @buggymcbugfix@twitter.com as he linearly prints a character @typelevel@twitter.com

Even though he uses Haskell at work, @FelixMulder@twitter.com still ❤️ Scala @typelevel@twitter.com

The @INNOQ@twitter.com crowd is at @scaladays@twitter.com!

This wins best slide award at @scaladays@twitter.com, hands down.

Two of my favourite people on stage, opening @scaladays@twitter.com: @DajanaGuenther@twitter.com and @darjutak@twitter.com

Doggo is already quite old but still doing his best. Very good boy!

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