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theres no fate bastards on here and i want to know why because im lonely

some of you....... some of you need jobs

its hard knowing that im physically the strongest person on this site but someone has to do it umu

i've figured out the problem here and its actually that there is no established pecking order yet

this site fucking sucks because in order to sign up you all gave up your humanity

good evening, heretics and non-believers.

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rat mutuals reminder that:
rats, rats, we're the rats
we prey at night, we stalk at night
we're the rats
i'm the giant :sm64_r: :sm64_a: :sm64_t: who makes all of da rules
let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into

well im glad my become god post got like 60 retoots for some reason. love you all. i promise i wont let the toot fame go to my head :)

@larxene could you guys stop sharing this? op is an aphobe :-/

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good morning, everyone. i see we ran out of good usernames in the 2 hours i was asleep

well this has been fun but i haven't slept and i've got a doctors appointment at nine so toodaloo

oh i want to be a widdle mischievous right now but i mustn't! i mustn't start mastodon drama! but, how i crave it..! how every cell in my body Yearns to have someone call me an asshole

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I unsolved the case of the Lindberg Baby?!😱😵 !!NOT CLICKBAIT!!

since the jojo kins follow me now :) im hot pants (and also mista + yasuho but who gives a shit about those)

we got any steel ball run kins here? horse racing bastards awake? i just want to talk. *clenches fists*

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