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Just a quick reminder, you can find me same bat name at dot host now. Thanks seeya there.

this place has the energy of a school bus on the way to a field trip in the best possible way

Sunk all my money into the flash meme game. Sold my car and put two mortgages on my house to buy 40,000 "Does Elmer Fudd Fuck?" t-shirts

*logging on after working on code*

*being asked about big tiddy alf and vape ape*

fucking furious that is eagerly rehabilitating the reputation of known fascist death-squad leader and serial woman-poisoner, Poison Ape, just because he’s taken the new harmless name “Vape Ape.”

One of the things NASA is finding out is that humans HAVE to have an enemy. On the ISS The Enemy is the folks in the ground, especially the flight surgeon or the chief chef. It’s a long held tradition to absolutely rip into the cooks & complain about medical tests while in orbit. This aggression was thought to be displacement in an extremely stressful environment, but it is likely important for social cohesion as well. If you’re bitching about the food you’re not fighting your crew mates.

The meme-cycle on this shitshow of a wonderful website means that you can miss the entire rise and fall of a meme if you don’t check in every 3 hours.

oh btw: my therapist thinks we're all doing great n is happy for us

you, an idiot: slide in my DMs

me, a genius: scoot in my toot chute

Dot host must be down. Real backup account hours who up

I'll boost any leftist I see on this here board, left unity lets go

Boost if you're a Marxist-Leninist, geography nerd, or current Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

if i cant crank it at least once a day, it is not my revolution -emma goldman

Just a quick reminder, you can find me same bat name at dot host now. Thanks seeya there.

@lastcartridge you can export your followers and block lists from the old instance and re-import them to your new one, it's the data import/export sections in your settings

hey I think I moved instances, but it doesn't bring your follows with you? is there any way I can simply do that?

The war is entering it's 36th year, by the way. I just checked.

Mastodon: It’s basically twitter but you have to pick a server when you sign up

Twitter: lol ok Alan Turing I’ll keep to my cruise missile brands saying ‘bae’ thank you very much

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