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Help me out. I'm new to the community. Who should I follow if I'm looking for the best music-related accounts or Mastodon instances?

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👋 Hello! My biggest hobby is finding and sharing great music released this year. I'm here on Mastodon to share what I dig up. I hope you find something you love.

"some people have asked about the instrumentation in the track, here is it - bass clarinet, clarinet, double bass, keyboards, trombone, trumpet, duduk, percussion, ***beer bottles, vacuum cleaner,*** oboe , bass saxophone, flute, bass trombone" Love this.

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Super excited to see Cosmo Sheldrake's most awesome Come Along show up in an Apple commercial.

I'm listening to Alexandra Streliski because this trend of open piano picking in a cathedral is hotter than the sun and I'm here for it.

I've organized new albums into very loose genre playlists for the past 3 years, but I think 2019 is when I finally abandon these in favor of more curated playlists. How do you organize your music?

BY THE WAY, JD McPherson (amazing band) released the best Christmas album of the year. SOCKS is all original songs.

Close to 60 sources in the list of top albums of 2018.
It's obvious who the big winners are at this point, but it's surprising to see albums with low vote counts that are consistently at the top of lists.

Putting together a list of lists of everyone's top albums of 2018 with the other members of the Rdio Lovers Slack. Includes nearly 30 sources.

Glorietta is Matthew Logan Vasquez (Delta Spirit), Noah Gundersen, Kelsey Wilson (Wild Child), David Ramirez, Adrian Quesada and Jason Robert Blum. They ran away to a house in New Mexico and recorded an album. Each song is unique. All of them are brilliant. I'm totally stuck on this album.

I didn't care for Three Oh Sees for a long time, but Orc swayed me, especially listening to it with others on JQBX. Now their new release, Smote Reverser is out and it's their best yet.

Odetta Hartman has released an epic concept album, Old Rockhounds Never Die. It might be at the top of my list at the end of the year. Filed under Future Folk and Cowboy Soul. I couldn't agree more.

Just discovering the husband/wife powerhouse that's The War and Treaty. Listen to Love Like There's No Tomorrow to hear the power.

Did the lead singer of The Growlers release 100 albums this year or is everyone just copying his style?

The Cradle is an artist that melds the musicality of Andrew Bird with surprising stories that form lyrics like Dawes, only with a D&D sense of mysticism. Listen to his new release, Bag of Holding.

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