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Toots from here are taking half an hour to reach so I guess this account is still useful.

I'm in Gold in Overwatch for the first time in 6 seasons 😀

You’re really going to welcome glinner onto mastodon huh

@Gargron I’m getting desktop layout for Mastodon on my iPad. Is this a bug?

Oh weird, Mastodon is showing desktop mode not mobile on my iPad

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Tilly settling in to her new home.

[Tilly is a tortoiseshell cat with white paws, face and throat. She is flopped on the carpet by a door.]

@cassolotl Oops, I didn't mean to reply from this instance!

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I'm trying to move instance again! I am @ellavescent on

I'm trying to move instance again! I am @ellavescent on

Although, I have seen rumours that Alienware got Threadripper overclocked to 3.8GHz on all cores so single thread won't be much slower than a Ryzen 7 1800x.

Giving Alienware an exclusive on AMD Threadripper (at least among large manufacturers) seems like a really strange decision. Threadripper is meant to be for workstations, the only "gaming" feature is more PCIe lanes for more graphics cards.

I registered an account on but am oddly hesitant to switch over. I guess partly because I tried to switch instance once already and came back because of glitches, and don't want to mess people around again in case I change my mind.

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The mastodon stages:
1. new users flow in and are amazed and/or flummoxed by the UI and its affordances

2. some users stay, finding that they rather enjoy the aforementioned affordances, and the overall lack of twitter shenanigans

3. suddenly, you discover you have things to say on the nature of sexuality and interpersonal relationships that you never knew you were uncomfortable talking about until you came here

4. there will be hugs, for those who want or need them

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Hey to everyone who is new and registered their account on

Welcome! I hope you have a good time here!

If you find that harrassment is too common or isn't dealt with thoroughly enough, you can register on another, safer server with a code of conduct.

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