My Tor-ified instance is accessible only via v3 Onion Service. If you want an account, please let me know. I cannot guarantee stability or uptime of the instance.

You can get to it here:


@lattera doesn't that make it a bit hard to federate?

@tw It should be able to federate with other Mastodon instances that are behind Tor as well.

@lattera right, but that leaves out a lot of the Fediverse.

If you sign up, please let me know. I'll need to manually approve your account since outgoing email is disabled.

@saper it should, but only with other instances behind Tor.

I'm unable to access it using the TOR Browser. Is there another way to access it?

@aw Tor Browser will work if the underlying Tor application is at least The instance I set up is using a v3 Onion Service.

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