it feels kind of cruel that productivity apps are named after the qualities that I don't have, like "SelfControl" or "Clear"

or "GoodReader"

Does anyone know if it’s better to send postcards/letters to representatives at their local office or their DC one?

what happens when people run out of content

is that why we die

@ja2ke oh wait i was doing it on my laptop i'm bad at everything

@ja2ke I'm still listening to the West Wing play in another window somehow

@esdin yeah once you hit a certain critical mass of followers, every single goddamn thing you say is going to have a certain distribution curve of responses: the high five, the holier-than-thou, the UM ACTUALLY, the person who repeats what you said back to you, the person who thinks they have something to add but they don't, and on and on. It's wearying sometimes to know it's going to follow everything you say, and then maybe you start saying less

It's interesting to watch myself try to figure out how to talk on here without the weight of so many followers or . I feel light

@nathangrayson I feel like it is a magnifying glass that amplifies the worst impulses of human nature and also that someday it will focus on me and sear me into a state of fiery oblivion. I guess in that way Twitter is less like a fun internet party with my pals and more like contemplating my inevitable death

@nathangrayson I was thinking today about how much I miss how the internet used to feel and how Twitter has become one of those relationships that very very slowly gets worse until one day you wake up and realize you're miserable and have been for a long time

@jennatar I feel sort of like I am playing an indie game about being on social media but also I'm fine with that

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