@alpower Oh great ☺️ I didn’t even know it was out yet!

@zatnosk I think we could do more for accessible HTML. (I should work out how to help with that.)

Mastodon now allows you to write image descriptions, *and* it’s by default (not a hidden accessibility setting like Twitter)!

@wezm it doesn’t link back or anything, but I think it’s an ok start for a first iteration :)

@wezm in a really cheat-y way. I used IFTTT to notice where there’s a new item in my Mastodon RSS feed, and then post the content to Twitter.

I need to set up my own instance. But for now, I’ve at least set-up amateur cross-posting from Mastodon to Twitter.

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@Gargron This is fantastic. Thank you so much ☺️ Hey @dopatwo, how do you like to be credited/named for your beautiful illustrations? + @aral

@Gargron 1. why did you redesign it? (I know the gist of this from talking to @aral, but how would *you* say it?) 2. Related: how does the landing page relate to designing the experience for Mastodon overall? 3. What are the tools/technologies you use to build it? (I spy React?) 4. The illustrations you use really complement the Mastodon feel of being friendly and welcoming, how do you decide when to use illustration? 5. Anything else that is important to mention? ☺️

@Gargron sorry, I meant joinmastodon.org (not enough coffee yet!) but also I think incremental design updates are important.

@Gargron I want to feature the Mastodon.social design update in a magazine showcase. (Because let’s promote the good people!) Did you write about it anywhere? And what’s the best way to ask you a few questions about it? (Happy to do so on here if you want to do it in the open!)

I can identify with this article. These feelings are why seeing fellow web folk uncritically worshipping tech shiny makes me feel so utterly hopeless.


via @aral

‘The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked’

“This is Britain in 2017. A Britain that increasingly looks like a “managed” democracy. Paid for a US billionaire. Using military-style technology. Delivered by Facebook. And enabled by us.”


Also on our radar: forum.ind.ie/t/the-great-briti

I realise it’s been a vagina-heavy day in my feed.

Folks at (and others!) who asked how to help family and friends learn about privacy. I just saw this: buzzfeed.com/nicolenguyen/your

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