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Laura Ritchie

so tomorrow I get to do my workshop where I bring a dozen violins and cellos to people who have possibly never touched an instrument like them and we play... !

There are few times in life when grown-ups willingly buy in to playing (like wholeheartedly) and this is one of those times where they are invited, encouraged, and I get to play with them.

(I better sleep past 4:15 am tomorrow. <--- Listen to that, jet lag.)

was full of beautiful things:

talking over peeling apples (at least a trug)

making music.

jotting down notes of ideas floating by like bubbles, catching their shadow on paper before they drifted off to the mountains,

and then in the midst of it all @Tdorey lovely cat did this:


"That was a memorable day to me, for it made great changes in me. But, it is the same with any life. Imagine one selected day struck out of it, and think how different
its course would have been. Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day."

(Great Expectations, end ch9)

When autocorrect changes your name to ‘laundry’

airport to airport and lots of people.

Zombie sleep and passing from one time zone to the next. (I made it to Canada!)

Some highlights:

1. Catching the tip of the glaciers on Greenland.

2. Meeting a fellow musician and talking gigs on the road.

3. Taking a candid pic of a cute child's hat (back view, no faces) and seeing the birth of an opportunist!

On the train, delivered in the darkness, stepping out into an adventure. It is still as exciting as when I was 6 years old and went somewhere new on a plane. I don’t remember the goodbye part then though.

Now my hietus is other people’s work time. Interesting to be both observing and moving through it.

checked in for that flight to Canada tomorrow

Teaching done. ✔️
Documents ready ✔️
Packing 😶 (I found a suitcase...)

I will sleep so well the moment I sit down on that plane.

I talked about stress with my students today. They were submitting assignments and had spend a long night in the library. We talked about how different types of 'busy' (mental/physical) make themselves manifest in our lives and how we cope (or not) and the importance of recognising that balance is tricky.

Our friend @cogdog has put out a Daily Create request in the ever-expansive ecosystem, asking us to create Photo Messages for digital media university students meeting for classes under tents in Puerto Rico, where recovery from the hurricane is slow. Info on how to help reach out and send a message of support is here (and yes, sharing is mostly done over at birdsite).

@ben_c *I* think it's super important to realize that we aren't trying to kill twitter. We're trying to have a social media platform that doesn't suck. 👼

My son is coming home in just over an hour. It's his 19th birthday (born in a bathtub way back when)

I've spent the past couple of hours baking and cooking and cooking and baking, and I can't wait to see him.

Our birthday tradition is to hide the presents. He has one of those clothes sorter-hanging things to go in a wardrobe... and we have the best hiding place - in between rows of dirty dishes in the dishwasher!! 😜 (it is plastic wrapped, and fits in between things nicely)

I'm planning an online workshop called Creativity at a Distance. I *almost* finished the website so it felt like time to share - Free. Open to all. Drop in for 15 mins or stay for the whole thing...

Feedback also welcome :)

My succulent plant seems to have produced a baby and I don’t know what to do with it! Here’s the big plant and the tiny baby- any advice will be very welcome!!

I'm very excited to be going to Canada this week!!! I looked it up and it's going to be cold - but not *really* cold, but not like here! Today we have the effects of hurricane Ophelia (weirdest one yet - Ireland??) and it is SO WARM. Going to be 68F/20C today. Already barefoot weather at 7am, and great for cycling to work, but definitely strange!

4 days and I fly off to Canada! and I get to meet two fellow Mastodon people! YAY! ...let's see if I can concentrate until then!

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talking with the family about the next couple of weeks... and I said to 10y/o son-

maybe I can get you a Halloween costume while I'm in Canada...

he replied in complete earnestness:

So I can dress up as a Moose?

(to him Canada is all wildlife and Maple syrup) :)

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as I wake with a smile, the moon soaring over Venus and the dawn just beginning to open her mouth to sing.

It's a new day

Today I give myself permission to make time to do, to make, to be with myself, others, and to breathe.

Today was a finishing up sort of day... ending with finishing editing an instrumental track (lots of different cello lines) to go at the end of a film - yay!

feeling of relief and accomplishment.

Over the next month comes the daunting task of the rest of the film- excited and eager with anticipation of the unknown would describe it well.

lovely words of wisdom and general council from @Tdorey :

"We need to care. Everywhere. We need to listen to who is there and always notice who is missing." (from

I think Tanya might be an angel in our midst. (I thought of a star, but that has popular culture references, so a human star turned into something angelic in my mind) She is certainly a perpetually blooming flower who is a beacon of kindness.

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