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thoughts for the new year
based on remembering: Yes I can.

(yes, it's a very positive, short blogpost)

Sunday evening, darkness well before 7pm. I've had the longest recovery from this debilitating cold/fever thing (still on 2 naps a day- the kind that happen not by choice- and I said goodbye to my running routine two weeks ago) Hoping this is it for the winter.

Recovery reminds me that I really am bad at the basics of self-care. Thankfully this coming week is our reading week, so I can get ahead. Going to make a menu, a sleep chart, and a list of important things like making time to read. :)

Teaching learning, teaching for learning, or teaching learning through living?
A short blog post with some thoughts on the conversation between George Siemens and @Downes in Week 0 of

"Education must focus on the tools and capacities for agency: security, voice, identity, & opportunity."
- @Downes

I'm right there with you: Connecting, connection, learning, doing, sharing.

How much can you SEE and ACCESS without signing in to something & giving over your data?

it's not an open web, it's a web of data with barriers on it.

(tooting some notes from the first presentation)

catching up on @Downes course (it's just started!) and really appreciating the approachable explanations of some tricky topics - e.g. the flaws with symmetric encryption -> private and public keys
links here:…

Talking jazz and rock with Reuben Jackson: author, curator, radio presenter and all-round amazingly knowledgeable man. This is my version of a flipped-classroom's guest ;) Have a listen, share your comments, and definitely enjoy!

Both audio and the transcript are included in the post.

Thank you @GeoffreyGevalt for the introduction. My students and I are very lucky.

Just finished Wednesday and it turned Thursday, but really I'm still doing Wednesday.

transcribed 5,500 words (!) that interview is a good one :) I'll put it together in the morning and share.

must sleep...

got my flu jab, took colleague's lecture (they were ill), interviewed a super amazing jazz curator in D.C. (watch this space for the interview) and the best news is


First time in as long as I can remember. yay!

woke up and thought - yay! made it to Tuesday, and then remembered - they're giving flu jabs at uni...

going to be brave. going to be brave. going to be brave.

Last time I got one I fainted 4 times on the way back to my office (50 feet).

Oh to be reminded I inhabit a body.

it's definitely autumn here. A few hours of odd warmth and then the cold sets. Most mornings are covered with a thick blanket of dewy fog and even the moon has to work to shine through the cold. The birds are all doing some sort of 'last days of summer' dance - they always seem to know.

I wonder if they can see the changes in pressure, like how pigeons sense magnetic lines, and it's all plain as day, but somehow invisible to us.

music on

Interesting thinking about that live aspect- similar to music - there's a personal learning/listening experience, but there is something else when it becomes communal. We (at least I) don't want to lose the sense of community.

If you have an interest in the arrangement or presentation of learning and online materials (that involve more than text) do check it out. 3/end

the way to participate (which is not entirely intuitive) is to scroll down the page in link to View Class (quite far down) then on next page - Join Class (yes, even though it already happened) The idea is that you can join live or anytime, and that the conversation continues. @jonathan_worth runs these things live as well, so people can be walked through & participate communally in the tech. 2/

a friend is working on building a platform that is a basis for teaching 'stuff' - he has it where there is well planned and curated content (interwoven audio interviews) that are presented so they are captioned by sentence/phrase and there are visuals too, but they are sort of secondary. It's not perfect yet, but as a first iteration, I think it's very good. (subject matter is dark, but don't hold that against him!) 1/

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ten minutes. I could snatch ten minutes of rest.

set the timer,
lay my head down and shut my eyes,
all I heard was the sound of my breath,
the sound of the rain on the window,
and the sound of his finger across the page of the book as he anticipated turning the page, as he read in the chair next to me.

a short break to walk from a to b and back to my lecture prep (happening in T-42) for today's topic of: the Beach Boys - God only Knows and the Beatles I am the Walrus among others :)

such a lovely community orchestra rehearsal. music music music and they improve so much.

We're playing Mambo (via the BBC 10 pieces project that arranges music for schools) and it is such a challenge but so fab- and at the end we did the whole thing all the way through. At the end they were together and there was a notable collective gasp of pleasure that they did it. That moment is just what it's all about. The thrill of making music together in space and time.

the good news is that wedding I played at over the summer - where I transcribed all those Beach Boys songs - I can use those in a class this week. :)

The fact that they are notably complex made me feel better that it took ages for me to do by ear!

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