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A blogpost- thinking on the value of each unique voice:

You are valid, important, and the orchestra of life wouldn't function quite right without you.

I found a super interesting paper on visual perception. Sharing it because I'm like that. No particular reason to share, but it has images and if I was interested, you might be interested too.

I missed the sun rising directly behind the Cathedral by a few days. It is amazing how quickly the sun swings round from North to South at this time of year.

I made it through week 1.

glad to say I slept 8 hours for the first time this week. I might even fit in a nap today. (might means will)

Here's to a day of recovery from the week.

first classes today.

Not sure how many students I'll have or how they'll react to what we do.

One class is part live-and part online - as in you can choose to do it in person or online, and some students are in Asia and some will be two feet away. This will be a new way of working for me indeed.

I was just thinking - what happens when you present opportunities without judgement?

I think the answer is: A lot.

I do have a story to tell on this, but for now I'm going to leave it here.

Mouse defence 

One of my students played the organ, and in conversation let slip that he was also a tailor by hobby. I mentioned I always wanted a cape. We went to town and bought fabric. He measured and made me a crimson cape and took it home to finish. Then he became a vicar and never finished it. The cape stayed somewhere in his family home, awaiting a final clasp. That was 2003. I would love to have that cape but it's in a box somewhere in a house far away.

First day back at school, heavens have opened and it’s greyer than grey, and still haven’t caught that mouse, but somehow I feel oddly cheerful.

Here’s to a good day!

Doors open all day, machinery ploughing the field opposite and a little mouse came in.

IN THE HOUSE. (I think this happened last year at the same time)

Way to stop me typing, practising, or doing anything but standing on a chair. and where has it gone?


off to get another humane trap in the morning. At least we have plenty of peanut butter at the ready.

first day of 'team meetings' for the year, and although term doesn't begin until next week, emails are coming in like debris (and exciting catches) on the wind, tearing holes in the carefully constructed web I've made over the summer.

How to manage time, enjoy the new students, and preserve the peace and focus in my own mind?

Those are real and rhetorical questions.

a technical academic-y post... this is the lecture I gave about questionniare development while I was in Brazil. If you're into psychology stuff, you may find it interesting :)

The slides, video, and transcript from my keynote about Self-efficacy in Higher Education in Brazil at the III Seminário Internacional Teoria Social Cognitiva em Debate, held in Campinas

Came across a super fun, accidental effect via my iphone - I was recording my cello practice and the picture WOBBLED with my lowest string. :)

The plumber is here and I think we will finally have a reliable hot shower (been wonky since MAY)


Somehow with that in mind, I don't mind the water off for a few hours. :)

10 Rules for Students and Teachers Popularized by John Cage

RULE SIX: Nothing is a mistake. There's no win and no fail, there's only make.

Yesterday we made pasta, it was fun teaching my medium and big children how to use the machine, and it was tasty.

Sometimes homemade makes the home.

besides writing a book and preparing a concert, I've committed to reading 30 mins a day.

...just saying
I've decided now is the time.

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