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thoughts for the new year
based on remembering: Yes I can.

(yes, it's a very positive, short blogpost)

We often forget that the so-called big picture is made up of a lot of small pictures. And the stories of those small pictures are just as important and valid as that of the bigger one

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today I will celebrate something.

I will choose to use my self well
and to recognise those people and things around me that are lovely.

May I draw your attention to this hilarious example of fooling an image recognition algorithm with a small patch of carefully engineered noise?

Found this yesterday while searching for the cassette from Gary Kendal’s Music Perception lectures (Yes I kept all the resources from class) where he had an example of the tone of a bell deconstructed into its harmonics. Ben’s tapes 1&2 kept me going while we waited for communication to arrive from each other - one letter at a time- via unix or via snail, from U.K. to us in 1996

@thatpsychprof WELCOME!!!
What a lovely treat to welcome you here!


"Strawberry," the woman says behind me. I turn to look, she's said it so lovingly.

She's got her hands in the ice cream freezer, turning half gallons like they're large jewels.

When I'm in line to check out, the cashier excuses herself to call kindly, "Dorothy, I've told you, you can't be in this store. You have to leave now."

Dorothy slumps her shoulders and slinks out, no strawberry.

It's cold out there. When I leave, she's gone. I wonder what she's done and hope she has joy in her life.

Happy Monday! February International Correspondence Writing Month (#InCoWriMo). If you want the no-commitment thrill of handwriting one letter a day to a willing recipient, and receiving letters, enter your name & postal address to the site's address book before January 18, 2018. You can opt for the site to NOT keep and publish your address after March 1 2018. #penpals

#InCoWriMo Explained:

Enter here:

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Hey #fediverse!

Today is the first day since I joined last year that I've heard multiple counts of #clown being used in derogatory ways.

I'm not thin-skinned enough to be offended, though I feel like it's out of character for the accepting vibe I normally see on Mastodon.

I get it. You mean insipid. Or whatever is close to that that doesn't offend someone.

There are plenty of good words out there that you can use to say anything you like. All I'm suggesting is that you choose your confrontational ones carefully.

Especially if you dislike clowns. Last thing you want is those weirdos on your bad side. ;)

If you're running like an artist website or a netlabel or something like that, please do the future world a favor and upload (preferrably lossless) versions of your content to the internet archive when you shut it down

I shudder to think how many cool culture we could have preserved has been lost because someone didn't want to pay server bills

"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny." -Leo Tolstoy

(not sure if he actually said this or if it's an urban legend- I just came across it, having written it down 6 years ago, and I still like it very much.)

yesterday was my mother's birthday (I haven't seen her in 2 years, we live oceans apart and then some) In the middle of our telephone call, she figured out facetime - and said how nice to see my face again.

sometimes the smallest things are the biggest gifts.

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on planting seeds for learning- early morning thoughts put into a blogpost:

Some Good news!

Ages ago I had a great day that I couldn't share then... My uni is going to be the first UK Affiliate Institution of the Grammy Museum. yay! That means cool music and archives, learning resources and lots of sparks of imagination and inspiration for my students. ...and the best bit is that I'm taking a few over there in a couple of weeks.

They've never been to California.
They have no idea, and I'm so excited.

wow. that would be a story and a half !

Many plates are spinning.

I feel a bit like going through the tunnel in the old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.... with the weird images and gentle singing of Gene Wilder.

throwing out a placeholder of an idea that I need to write about:

Learning is experience.

Knowledge is experience understood/internalised/with meaning (need to find the right words, but I can taste the idea)

Wisdom - perhaps that is when you can see it in others too.

(It's not there yet, but I've been getting generally miffed with definitions of learning & knowledge. Bee in bonnet and all... It helps me to write things down)

Epic heat-sensitive Zelda mug being used for the first time.

Verdict: 5 tri-stars !

first day back on the bike commuting today. (not to self, glasses help keep the wind out of eyes) My legs are complaining now from all the pedalling but I appreciated going along in silence and feeling the outside air on my face. and I'll do it again tomorrow :)

Time to get back on that (proverbial) horse.