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Here's the video I recorded a couple of weeks ago ... It's a 7 min piece for solo cello that was written for me. The sound and video are all in one take, and I edited footage from the 3 cameras are edited to give different shots and highlight parts of the music.

I think this is officially the last of my 'lockdown' projects !

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video of my talk just went up! (scroll down and you'll see me, blurb, and the video) It was a week ago and there were a couple of people on here who missed it and kindly said they'd like to see. 🌸

It's all about people's goals and how we pursue them or not in light of current world changes. ...Goals, Pivotal Moments, and Us

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Ooooh ! I've integrated my blog with Mastodon, so toots appear as comments! this is my blog's mastodon address: @laura and you'll see it just did a toot! Oooh! If you want to follow my blog and comment/discuss via Mastodon it can now happen.

Thanks to @saper for the idea, and hooray that I could figure it out! Small victories! 🌸

I'm running a study into what elements of an open source / open science project seem to correlate with project sustainability, running some metrics based on your github repo.

Would you be interested in participating? ~15 minutes now + 2 short follow up surveys in 6 & 12 months. (it'll take about 15 minutes, MOST of which is for reading the information sheet). Or for more info see sustainable-open-science-and-s
Questions? toot or email

My walk. It was so glorious - hard to describe. We're getting to my favourite time of year with the long evenings and blossom everywhere. and I had to get in that field - (I did walk in a tractor path, so did not damage any crop)

So very refreshing.

Here was the video I was asked to do a week ago... (external link is accessible - I don't have control of where they posted it) The brief was to make it like the Vogue 73 questions videos... but no longer than 2 mins, as an informal intro to me and my TEDx talk. (talk is in a week !)

This evening's photos by the sea. The light was lovely! (the last one is where I stood to take the pictures)

The weather the past few days has been so picturesque! These are looking left and right on the same spot on my run yesterday and then the weather approaching today.

fixed a really nice supper. with a really nice pudding, and magically everything worked. Simple things.

Today has been a hard day. I have an unexpected project to do tomorrow, and I don't like the perameters I've been given to work with, which means adaptation - and it will be a challenge (not the nice kind) to do well. The weight of it has brought down the overall vibe of the day considerably. Hmmmm.... should be far better by tomorrow at noon when it's done.

That podcast interview I did today - it's gone live already!!!! Positivity Matters podcast hosted by Nick Hernandez:

and he put it on! YAY!!!

That podcast interview I did today - it's gone live already!!!! Positivity Matters podcast hosted by Nick Hernandez:

and he put it on! YAY!!!

I just gave my first invited talk about my book ! and it went very very well!!! Hooray!!!!

Had a really good run today ! Did my daily 'loop' around the fields and sea, and today I did it without stopping. -and pushed a little... it's 6.1K and I did it in 31min 30 seconds and was SO PLEASED I did it! That was the first time without stopping! I don't run it to race, but that is a far better time than I expected. Yay!

I am sure tomorrow I will add my usual walking in - to take pictures of the flowers and just soak in the view. (and a pic of yesterday's post run cat!)

If I were the president in an action movie and terrorists had stolen my nuclear launch codes, I would simply call Kevin in IT and have him change the password for me again.

This year is turning 50 (!) and to celebrate they’re running a design challenge. Prize and legend statues await the winner ;) Enter here:

Everyone starts somewhere, and we often don’t see the beginnings. Fortunately I kept going… making progress every day. This photo was taken on January 2... over the next few days I'll be posting parts of the journey to show the learning and my progress! (this post is Day 2 of 10 on the creative experience of filming my TEDx talk)

(I've drafted 10 of these, and they are mostly showing positive progress, but I thought I'd show all the aspects of my learning.)

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My skill level was at about -23 when I started this project. I have vision. Oh, I can dream, but turning that into reality takes more than a few steps. My initial attempt to film myself showed just where I was starting. Someone without so much of that self-efficacy belief I’m always on about might just have said I’ve lost my head with this project! 3/ (one more and you get the funny pic...)

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Stepping out with new skills requires experimentation, learning, trial and (well, yes) error. I can speak, I can give a talk, and I know I can do that convincingly. One of my (quite distinguished) profs at the Royal College of Music once told me I could convince someone a London Bus was yellow and not red if I set my mind to it. BUT, film a talk? Where to even start??
2/ (it was a long text - will take a few toots)

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