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thoughts for the new year
based on remembering: Yes I can.

(yes, it's a very positive, short blogpost)

Large BBC sound effects library is now available for free download for personal, educational, research & non-commercial use

There are about 16,000 clips

I've made it halfway through my crazy two weeks... Today was a Bernstein Centenary Day 'Total Embrace' at my uni (I was the organiser/instigator) and it involved 6 sessions run by me, colleagues, and my MA students- ranging from an academic panel, to a community choir, to a showcase of a recent musical theater performance. Super fun that Dame Patricia Routlege came and participated in the WHOLE day. She is lovely.

Two days rest and it's the Netherlands for the next event.

“A great truth comes over him: Trees fall with spectacular crashes. But planting is silent and growth is invisible.”

-- from The Overstory, by Richard Powers, page 89

A blog post reflecting on today's happenings at the conference and a video of my workshop.

at David Wiley's keynote at
met him yesterday- interesting to meet people I only know through online & their and other's writings.

makes me consider the experience of meeting people irl. Impressions, and external information...

I love meeting people.

Running a workshop at the conference today - I have my students coming too - the ones who went to California with me- and this morning I have to figure out how to get the 30 ukuleles from my car to the Watershed in Bristol.

I'm not sure exactly what will happen, but I know it will be fun. (I'm lying of course, we have it all planned, but my plan involves and depends of participants engaging & I don't 'know' what they will do ...yet!) If people agree we'll record it.

SUPER EXCITED!!! (self promo) music in film trailer Show more

day 1 of Cello Weekend done, and I'm an exhausted puddle. My students made cakes! and the one's I linked to earlier went quickly. My fruit contribution however, was still there... we'll eat that tomorrow :) I think I needed the sugar today !!

today is the Cello Weekend Day 1 (10-4) I'm nervous because it means the start of an unimaginably busy 2.5 weeks.

I woke up to this, ( and it is reminding me how excited everyone else is for the weekend. The gal who baked is on the Sr. Management Team at uni. This weekend she's a mum and a fab baker!

35 Cellists from across the South Coast ranging from 9-70+. gonna be such a great sound!

send calming thoughts for me, and endurance

Academic writing (I wrote an article on my website) Show more

5:22 am and the blackbirds have started singing in the darkness

One of the best practices I’ve learned is following people that are smarter than me and if I have a visceral reaction to a point they make, examine why.

when I was younger, before I really played cello - I *knew* I wanted to do music. I used to lie under grand pianos to *feel* the music more. I wanted to get closer to the music somehow.

Listening to Evelyn's talk has made me say, 'yes, I understand.'

What a great talk.

On Music, listening, and accessibility:

Just added this to one of my classes as a resource and it is a fantastic listen- Evelyn Glennie (who is a deaf percussionist) talks about listening, removing judgement, and making listening accessible to all.

She is an amazing communicator, musician, and person.

Into the Woods.

Sometimes you just have to go find the really old trees. Mist and mud, we walked through a cloud and the average step was about 4 inches of slitherness. I did a few Charlie Chaplain leg flying moves, and it was wonderful - even the mud.

That tree pic is all ONE tree. I love it. 🌳

Somehow over the weekend I had a purge clearing out ancient piles of papers & stuff. We have no storage so there is a perpetual questioning of do we need something or not? Sentimentality has often made me hold onto things yet this time somehow it was ok to let go.

I got to thinking, we hold on to things so we can remember.

But if my children had those papers, they would be interesting, yet would not remember. I kept a few & recycled a lot.

So much better. and such a release.

Sorting ‘stuff’ and I came across this... we used it in 7th grade and I liked it so much I bought a second one. And yes, it is still sealed.

We used to buy these sort of school supplies from someone who came into class on Tuesday and Thursday pushing a cart full of exciting stuff...

Spaces shapes and formations have always fascinated me.

I've just done 3 days of prep and admin for my upcoming Cello Weekend. If everyone who has signed up actually comes, there will be 35+ cellos ! Age range is from 9-70+ and I've typeset parts for all the beginners so they can play in everything :coolcat: We're doing everything from Coldplay to Brahms. and I'm doing a workshop on using a loop pedal & bringing in the electric cello for fun. 😎

I have guests doing one class each day. Huge effort, but it's worth it.

and SO many cellos!!

Today was a truly beautiful day- we walked across the field to the sound of the lark ascending