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That big project I did last month is finally up online! Music is as real as your heart. - me, my cello, and words I mean with all I am. You make a difference. - please do watch and share. It starts with a 2 min extract from Jill Jarman’s ‘Resonance’ before I speak, and these are the images I spent so long making… and this might be the most elaborate live ‘kareoke’ you see.

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video of my talk just went up! (scroll down and you'll see me, blurb, and the video) It was a week ago and there were a couple of people on here who missed it and kindly said they'd like to see. 🌸

It's all about people's goals and how we pursue them or not in light of current world changes. ...Goals, Pivotal Moments, and Us

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Ooooh ! I've integrated my blog with Mastodon, so toots appear as comments! this is my blog's mastodon address: @laura and you'll see it just did a toot! Oooh! If you want to follow my blog and comment/discuss via Mastodon it can now happen.

Thanks to @saper for the idea, and hooray that I could figure it out! Small victories! 🌸

Running water AND a professional plasterer!!!!! This is magic !!!

WE HAVE TEMPORARY WATER!!!! YAY!!!! It is so nice not to have to use a public toilet and ask the neighbour to borrow their shower/fill water bottles.

There were some lovely Sunday crew people who did great work here to help sort it temporarily.

Food mention, baking 

The cake! It actually turned out remarkably well! We ended up making a 2/3 recipe of this: and it made 3 cakes (maybe we don't do giant cakes???) This was my cake....

I've decided to bake a cake as a distraction technique.

looked up 'amazingly fluffy chocolate cake'... we'll see how it turns out!

Update - A supremely nice water man came and they're 'sending a crew'.... might be today, worst case tomorrow...


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So today's challenge is we have no water. There's a trickle, but honestly, getting the water company to deal with a leak leading to the property has been a nightmare and when I turned on the tap after my 4 mile run and it went ____________ (that's the gasp sound of no water flowing) I serioulsy had a loss of humour moment.

FORTUNATELY I could shower at a neighbour's but really!?!?!?!

Sitting by the phone now waiting for 'someone to contact me'...

Today I've been mostly tired. The journey of redecorating took hours and i had the lesson at the end that I'd been using th ewall scraping tool with the dull end of the blade. -sort of like de-papering 75 years off a wall with a butter knife, but heck, I did it anyway. I guess it's reasonable to need a recovery day... Here are the TikTok videos of the journey... and the good news is a REAL plasterer comes Monday to finish everything!

Congratulate yourself for doing difficult things, even if they might not seem difficult to others.

and I kept at it!!! Progress achieved! I'm halfway through!!! I am very pleased and very much hope to finish this awful job tomorrow morning!!!! I'm going to ache... it's a very physical job. (I wonder if I can submit a bill to myself... I'm kidding, but it's nice to think that it is worth my time!)

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My day started with a presentation and continued by battling with 70 years of paint + wallpaper... going to make that room nice! 1/2

YAY! That was super nice to present to a lovely bunch of mastodon folks! Thank you for making time to come!!!

ps I will share the recording and transcript tomorrow!!

It is not Tuesday yet!!!! I just went to a meeting ONE DAY EARLY!!!! I have an extra day !!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!

(good thing too, becuase my presentation is tomorrow morning!)

I got a bag on ebay. It arrived today and it's really nice. It turned out to be WAY nicer than I could possibly have hoped, and the money spent on it (about the price of a pub dinner) was to benefit a hospice. It was a sort of double win, and I ended up with something way nicer than I would ever pay for.

...a good thing on Monday!

I have done 4 hours of work so far today. There is something wrong with that considering it is supposed to be the summer.

If you were a senior looking for a remote office administrative position or similar, where would you look?

I so have a photo saved up for Caturday !!!!!!

My fav neighbourhood cat came to visit me the other day after WEEKS of not seeing her, and she was SO sweet !!!!

I've just had a wonderful nap. I was exhausted, did my morning, had a window, and set a timer. Lying on a huge bean bag, waking to cooing birds amd the russle of wind in silver birch trees, sunshine, and dappled clouds - I could forget that i still have a day's work... just for a groggt, sleepy, and rested few minutes

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