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video of my talk just went up! (scroll down and you'll see me, blurb, and the video) It was a week ago and there were a couple of people on here who missed it and kindly said they'd like to see. 🌸

It's all about people's goals and how we pursue them or not in light of current world changes. ...Goals, Pivotal Moments, and Us

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Ooooh ! I've integrated my blog with Mastodon, so toots appear as comments! this is my blog's mastodon address: @laura and you'll see it just did a toot! Oooh! If you want to follow my blog and comment/discuss via Mastodon it can now happen.

Thanks to @saper for the idea, and hooray that I could figure it out! Small victories! 🌸

Moon!!!! So lovely!!! And sunset!! What another beautiful evening!!! (More description on the images)

trigger warning Death mention 

this is a but is longer than fits here, so I wrote a short blogpost. Someone (close to a friend, but not very close to me) unexpectedly died, and I reflect on how we can LIVE positively now:

Baking fail & great success! 

Yesterday I baked with my sons & had so much fun. Decided to make a triple cake recipe so we could each make our own cake (choc. plain, strawberry). The fail happened when using a choc cake recipe as the base for all 3 & making no choc cake. Turns out cocoa powder soaks up lots of liquid & our respective cakes turned out as inedible soggy splops.

The success: I later made them another cake & used silicon moulds to make little donuts. Yum!

personal accomplishment 

Well I did it. I cannot say how pleased I am. I've had a HUGE project to do and last night was a major milestone. The 4K video is done and the different cuts roughly edited together. I still have the spoken sound to do - I recorded that with a separate mic to be better & consistent quality. Not totally done, but HUGE milestone.

I have learned SO MUCH and people have been so helpful and generous with advice & encouragement along the way.

Exporting my 18 min 4K file and I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! After a weekend of living and breathing this script, I am pleased. I did meet up with my speech coach, who I hadn't seen in 30+ years and it was just like yesteryear, and it got so much better. So pleased I did a little dance, and my curled hair bounced around with me.

I actually did a happy dance. and I liked it.

Calling all Media editing people - advice please! I have some 4K footage as .mts files. Is there a free programme I can use to edit it and export 4k? If I can get it into iMovie I can use that, but... it won't take that format and the files are 8GB and 2GB and teh free converters won't take them. I don't want to lose quality.

Any recommendations are welcome! Thank you!!

Very exciting thing happened yesterday... I was asked to present at a conference in April - and the conference is being held in Second LIfe. They said - just tell us your avatar's name.... !

Time to get making one !

I just spent 3 hours recording 19 seconds of music. OH MY GOODNESS !

I had video that I needed to use, and had to make the audio to match it... without any editing of the sound, which is why all that time. Playing cello freely is one thing, but playing to match how I played freely a few months ago on one particular day is another thing!

done it now! and tomorrow is the next clip, and that one is 25 seconds. I can do it... !

I said to myself that I'd record one mini-lecture per day and that I'd practice my cello X minutes, and I'd practice a speech, and a few other 'me' things - run, write, cook...

and today it all fell into place :) at least the tasks did. Still lots of life to do, but having those things done feels good right now. :)

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Today I achieved my goals ! Set a list for daily achievement of various things just to keep me afloat this term - and I did it ! and, AND the neighbour's cat came out to visit !!!

A feel good story- music 

Last year a couple of my students got to take part in a 'surprise' drop-in by singer-songwriter Tori Kelly - and the video of it just came out. It is priceless and made me smile so big today !!! Spotify put out the video via facebook (I know...) but you can see it just by the link and for the music and the smiles, it is worth it!

It's time to breathe.


Saving strength for the last moments of the day.

And then, sleep.

Night, night Fediverse.

Which one of you works for Rockstar/Take2?

Please boost for visibility.

Just made a special (indulgent) trip to find Kosher marshmallows (they don't have gelatine, and my veggie daughter can eat them) so we can make rice krispie treats, and the shop undercharged me... got home, looked at the receipt and rang them up to pay the difference.

They asked 'are you sure!??!' and I told them the last thing we want in a pandemic is to have the few shops that are open being out of pocket.

Happy to support our local lovely shop.

This semester I will be helping a partially sighted student create a website (my expertise is in the content, not the website stuff)

Does anyone have any good examples of accessible websites? Or suggestions for easy to navigate resources? The student is NOT tech competent, so we're thinking basic wordpress...

Did someone say it's FEBRUARY!??!!?

I still thought it was only Saturday yesterday when it was Sunday, my mental date tracker tells me it could be anywhere between last November and March....

just spent a very very very long time carefully revising a paper. Tiny changes that create a potential domino effect that all had to be balanced -

fingers crossed there were no blips in my concentration! Checked it A LOT. Time to melt now. -or at least not to type for a little while.

no longer benched! but not running yet... that leg is nearly all healed. Funny how bodies sometimes remind us they actually need time to heal. (I pulled a something in my leg the other day from overuse)

Today I walked my normal run, and beside it taking more 'time' it was lovely to be outside. -saw these daffodils!

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