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Here's the video I recorded a couple of weeks ago ... It's a 7 min piece for solo cello that was written for me. The sound and video are all in one take, and I edited footage from the 3 cameras are edited to give different shots and highlight parts of the music.

I think this is officially the last of my 'lockdown' projects !

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video of my talk just went up! (scroll down and you'll see me, blurb, and the video) It was a week ago and there were a couple of people on here who missed it and kindly said they'd like to see. 🌸

It's all about people's goals and how we pursue them or not in light of current world changes. ...Goals, Pivotal Moments, and Us

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Ooooh ! I've integrated my blog with Mastodon, so toots appear as comments! this is my blog's mastodon address: @laura and you'll see it just did a toot! Oooh! If you want to follow my blog and comment/discuss via Mastodon it can now happen.

Thanks to @saper for the idea, and hooray that I could figure it out! Small victories! 🌸

I've not written publicly lately- been in the mountains and they have been beautiful. This place always changes my life.

After a year of learning gamedev, my first commercial game is now available on Steam and for Linux and Windows!

Buy on Steam -

Buy on -

a short game set in southwestern america, my brother lives in a canyon is about two brothers reminiscing over short-wave radios.

This game is also open-source and was entirely developed on Void Linux!

Made with: #godot #blender #krita #gimp #audacity #inkscape

#gamedev #indiedev

Super pleased to have just heard music I wrote (and played and recorded) as the theme tune for a new podcast for the English Home Magazine!

my paper got published! (Comp Sci) 

Hi folks, my paper "Making legacy Fortran code type safe through automated program transformation" has just been published in Journal of Supercomputing, as Open Access:

"We present the first rigorous analysis of the type safety of FORTRAN 77 and the novel program transformation and type checking algorithms required to convert FORTRAN 77 subroutines and functions into pure, side-effect free subroutines and functions in Fortran 90.
We show that the resulting code is type safe and that the pure, side-effect free and referentially transparent subroutines can readily be offloaded to accelerators."

Puffy white clouds sail by across a blue sky; the young blackbird practices its song just outside my back door; he church bells can be heard in the distance and the wood pigeon coos as I type at the table.

Sunday morning


I'm currently in the market for a one-person tent, if we have any resident experts in the Fediverse?

(boosts appreciated!)

I'm 6'1" and looking to spend around Β£100 but can go slightly more for a particularly good one.

I cheekily wild camp in places I'm not really supposed to, so want one that will blend in a bit. Also, bonus points for it packing light and small.


Research Project - so close!! 

Remember that research project with the longish (and slightly annoying) quesitonnaire? Well I did get my initial sample, then realised I needed another 50 to complete the confirmatory stats. So wrote to everyone I hadn't previously asked... I now have 221 of 228 needed responses. SO CLOSE!! -and I am confident that in the next day or so I will finally have all I need.

BIG RELIEF!!! (but not counting the chickens just yet!)

Does anyone know if there is a repository to find free video footage - that could be used potentially commercially?

I'm thinking little clips and hoping for a searchable database... which I realise might be called 'pie in the sky'!

Fortunately, no one here uses TikTok, doesn't it... Ahem.

TikTok, one of the most downloaded apps of 2021 so far, decided to quietly update its privacy policy to collect biometric identifiers and biometric information know in the US as faceprints and voiceprints. The trendy app, owned by the Chinese internet technology company ByteDance, added a new section to its privacy policy called β€˜Image and Audio Information.’

feeling hopefully optimistic today

Long may it last!!

the rain came back jus tnow, and earlier on a walk *just as we drove to the place* what did we see - in England where these things NEVER happen??? A twister!

Fortunately it was not scry but more interesting - and went within a minute of appearing.

Rain. Up early. Lots of thinking.

I may have an opportunity to develop an idea into a physical product for people to use, and it is very exciting. -but will take a LOT of thinking, detail, and, well, a lot.

Here's to moving forward.

Love that sunset. And I thought…..

End of the day light to remind me it’s soon to be morning somewhere and while I sleep others work and think and play and then I’ll have my turn.
And when does the sun sleep?
I don’t know, but it steps aside so I can have a well needed rest.
Good night sun.
Good night sea.
And as for you- when you get there- to the end of your day, rest well.

Goodnight to you.

second jab today. I thanked all the volunteers - guy at the door saying mind your step and sanitizing hands, nurses, people guiding the queue. That was definitely a huge highlight in an otherwise grey, rainy, challenge of a day.

A FREE piano masterclass... (you can participate!)

Christine Tokatlian, pianist, professor at Deree-The American College of Greece and PhD candidate at Chichester University, UK.
Both active participants and observers are welcome.
Zoom link will be sent to all participants after the confirmation of their attendance.
Interested candidates may send pre-recorded performances of up to 20 minutes, along with a short bio at
Submission deadline: July 6, 2021

and really I adore the trees. and the grasses. and the lone purple poppy that sprung up across from my house.

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ps it is completely beautiful out and Ive already been for a very lovely (although sneezy) run

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today I am giving in and buying eye drops.

damn you silver birch trees! such power over my weak, confused, hay-feverish body. !

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