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A blogpost- thinking on the value of each unique voice:

You are valid, important, and the orchestra of life wouldn't function quite right without you.

My Keynote: Learning out Loud from the Creative Industries conference at the Uni of South Wales today.

What a wonderful place full of even more wonderful people.

Housing Rental Request: Gloucester

Anyone live in Gloucester and want to rent out two rooms to a couple of 20 year olds starting intern jobs... this weekend! Looking at a 6 month contract.

Please send me a private message if you know of any leads....

so so rainy.

The sea seems to have gotten confused and it's falling out of the sky today.

I won't be running for a while this morning...

off to Wales this afternoon - in advance of a talk tomorrow. It's my 'Learning out Loud' talk. :)

If allowed, I'll record it.
Regardless, adventure awaits.

that bird started singing and it's 3:53 am.

I'm going to need a nap later....

My community orchestra had our concert tonight - we had 40 performers and there were so many audience they had to sit on the floor. My only failing was I dripped the ipad and it only recorded 11 seconds. (mostly of falling down)

they did so well. so so so well. We played Peter and the Wolf, and Abba's Dancing Queen, and it was so good.

@Downes if you offer your course again... I'd suggest people watch this (the livestream has video + slides) before engaging with what you have prepared. Extra explanations here - really useful context! :) also useful in hindsight

@Downes finally catching up on your Third Wave presentation --- I think the penny just dropped re graph as opposed to story.

I get it.
It's how I'm documenting my music learning at the moment.

so many blackbirds, singing at silly o'clock.

It's light like a full-moon lit night at 3 am here... they sing before 4 sometimes...

I feel really hopeful this evening. I have a research assistant for the first time ever. He's not a musician, he's a power lifter !!! and he's great! 😀 I can spend time playing my cello and he enters the data! I have to pay him of course, but that's what my community orchestra money is for! What better use than to put it back in the pockets of the students?

So pleased!!!!

I wish for a world where the smile on these kids' faces is available to everyone in the schooling system regardless of their race or income bracket.

I wish for a world where technical and architectural decisions at all levels of society are made in the bests interests of all lifeforms rather than on the basis of how to extract and privately accumulate the most wealth.

I wish for a world where cruelty is unfashionable and compassion and wisdom are valued more than cunning and toughness

Grateful to those at the conference I'm attending who use the microphone instead of asking those of us with hearing difficulties to raise our hands if we can't hear. (& then half the time people speak up for a short period & then speak quietly again).

A gentle reminder that it's really not about whether one likes using the mic, or thinks one is loud enough w/o it, but rather about how one sounds to others, & there are lots of folks w/different levels of hearing out here!

The Cure Performed the Entire "Disintegration" Album on the 30th Anniversary of Its Release: Watch The Complete Concert Online

If I could, I'd go to Glastonbury this year.

(I can't) but I so would.

the only good news about our lack of hot water showers is that we have to take baths (plenty of hot water to that tap!), and in the summer it is really nice. This was my view this morning, for my post-run soak. :)

(It will be less fun in the winter!)

I have a real question for any plumbers out there. We have this thing - over the past several years one tap in the house doesn't produce any hot water. -and it moves from one tap to the next, very slowly over time. Mysteriously. Used to be in the kitchen, then bathroom sink (shower worked fine) then all ok, but now our shower :( NO HOT WATER, but it gets tepid if you flush the loo and have the washing machine on, so we think it's a pressure/burp issue.
Any ideas??

Wanted poster on a local noticeboard:

(as my husband's late grandfather would say, jokingly, 'Only here')

Weather rolling in... did a bit of gardening... hot in the day, but weather rolling in. It will be cooler tonight.
This is definitely June in the UK.

Variable and lush. Oh, but the smell of the flowers hangs like icing in the air. Honeysuckle, roses, something that might be called orange blossom (but it doesn't make oranges) - and oh it all makes me sneeze, but I love it.

so this morning I sort of made a cello. I did one of those over-zealous things and bought a cello on ebay... and it sounded better than it was... but a student bought me the tool I needed to finish it, and I did.

That is one mega tool. It's a peg-reemer, and it is certainly fit for purpose. Very satisfying to have gone from naked cello body to playable instrument. :)

I have been tasked with making a concept map (for a class I'm taking) Does anyone have any suggestions of focus questions?

I was thinking maybe: How can we learn collectively?

How do we achieve creative success?

How do we promote our art?

Oh, I am all big questions at the moment. Any suggestions or refinements are welcome! :)

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