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Laura Ritchie @lauraritchie

@Downes consider sharing a photo here... you must be covering some ground

@katebowles I've requested permission to see it... :)

There's a chapter from a book on noticing I'd like to send you Kate. It has a student activity where you sit in a space for X mins and notice, and the noticing gets deeper and deeper and stories appear and value comes out and lots comes out. The activity is repeated in a place you like and one you don't. That and then the sharing teaches volumes. It's by Liora Bressler


@katebowles @dogtrax one more meeting for today- saving this to look at after

every morning there is a giant bumble bee that comes sniffing outside our open bedroom window. -about the size of a walnut shell...


and then goes away as he continues checking to see if any flowers have sprouted along our roofline overnight. happens like clockwork every morning, and has happened for several years. I wonder if bees pass on a collective memory or if they train one another to sniff the same places for flowers?

@katebowles hopefully when next you wake it will be a lighter day.

@charlag more context needed... could be either :)

ps Hope this day was easier than yesterday for you

@Downes amusing anecdote... reading the various references to the history of open/internet/stuff & I'm reminded of sitting in front of the computer (late late at night) to talk to my future husband:

one. character. at. a. time. on. the. screen. (using the command y-chat I think..) As the computer warmed up Unix, there was a N in the corner of the old bubble monitor. I honestly thought it was for 'Northwestern', where I was studying ;)

I wish I had those chats archived somewhere.

@Spencer thinking on this - it was yesterday I said to my daughter that I wanted to write a friend I haven't seen or heard from in ages a letter. There's a sort of reaching out that is different than a 'like'. a letter.

Wondering just what it is that turns 'want' into 'do'... I think it might be your toot. thank you for that

I've stopped sitting at a table with pencil and paper, and I'm probably poorer for it.

@paralithode ah, we had our glimpse of sky between clouds in the morning, and then the heavens opened - & it was the village fete on the meadow just by the sea. My heart sank as we had so much rain. The mugs at the 'kitchen' stall were full from rain water, & usually there's a band playing and ice creams, & it is such a great village fundraiser. -but we came, in cagoules & wellies to buy cakes & nice 'tat'. Smallest came home with a (soggy) coconut. We were so British in the rain

I've written a first post for my summer reading project book by @Downes

Thanks go to @jeroensmeets for the gesture idea. You made me think.


@ShorterPearson what a lot of lovely thinking! only one instant comment, before the seep-by-step, you almost do that dismissing yourself thing... most of what I'm describing is the physical sciences... it is the same, but a different medium. Like I'm a musician, but we're teachers - and we're the learners too, w/ the same struggles as the students (like your advanced PDEs) and my learning a new concerto... We're all somewhere on the path.

Thank you, thank you for sharing here :)

@charlag yay! do let me know what you think, and thank you! :)



Fortunately it is for a group of teachers already keen to both look into and do something about improving life, the world, and everything - so there is already a base of hope.

The gesture is excellent advice and may well serve as a basis for a session. for thought!

Thank you!

@jeroensmeets no, thanks! I'm not so much worried about conduct, but want to discuss/workshop the issues in a way that isn't just 'token' and is really meaningful and has impact on people's practice

Hey community! A real question for everyone:

I am responsible for organising an educator's conference for next year & would like to make part of it about Inclusion, Outreach, & Integration. My question: How do I phrase this & organise a session(s) in a way that is actually helpful (to all types of people)

I'm asking with an awareness that I don't know all perspectives.

All ideas welcome!

@charlag calm and use your smarts! If you weren't nervous, now that would be worrying..

Good luck!