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thoughts for the new year
based on remembering: Yes I can.

(yes, it's a very positive, short blogpost)

slowly ticking things off the list.


with plenty of breaks, and recognition of even small accomplishments, in between.

slowly, but steadily.

today's mantra is:

keep looking forward, every day.

Everyone loves playing in their sprinkler- especially on a hot day

This is instalment number two in the summer life of our garden birds

Did it! Yay! (Does this count as a sub-toot? I never understood that stuff)

I woke up at 6:04 with a song in my head (fly me to the moon) thinking yay! I can run! And the heavens have opened. First time in my nearly two months of daily running that it has rained.

I’ll give it 10 minuets and go anyway 🙂 now that I’ve said it, I’m committed. (I work like that with goals- externally articulating them is a definite motivator)

just got a reminder from my work email - so I clicked on it.

And it said: Nothing new right now.

-so it sent me this so I would look? What's up with that? I closed the application in response.

Today's ironically good day

I had a meeting far away and had to get up at 4am to catch the train (I'd say pre-dawn, but it's light then here) and a long meeting to sit through... but, I slept the WHOLE way on the train (well slept 4 of 6 hours, and that's monster napping) And then and the tube guard in London let me out of the station to get my favourite falafel even though my ticket didn't let me go out & back. He let me if I promised to run. I'm rested and all falafeled up. mmmm!

🎉 v2.4.1 is out:

- Delete & Redraft for toots
- Improved e-mail validation to fight spammers
- Improved block/mute behaviours
- More unicode emojis! 🐺
- Important database schema fixes
- Performance improvements 🚀

More and more I think my doctoral research will focus on the process of change. What troubles me is much of my reading list: Foucault, vonHippel, Womack.... today I added Centola.

What troubles me is that it is very white and very, very male. So I’m asking, begging really, for recommendations: Non-white, non-male scholars studying the process of change (any discipline) - Expecting the responses will make me feel embarrassed for having had to ask...

Mr. Rogers making music like you never imagined.

Garden of your mind.
You can grow ideas
In the garden of your mind.

A cool article about how exacting Fred Rogers was about the language used on his show so that it wouldn't confuse or accidentally mislead kids:

I especially love the examples given.

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Oh the lovely blackbirds! Happy bath bird!

Found a video of the sound hedgehogs make... just imagine going out in the dark to take something to the shed at the bottom of the garden and hearing that in the bushes next to you! eek! @wion @chendricks

there's a hedgehog hiffing and huffing in our garden. -They are mostly blind and their sniff sounds like a scary goblin in the bushes. Nearly petrified me the first time I came across it. Such a big unexpected sound from a small docile creature.

Now it's a lovely sound, because I know they made ti through the winter and will be here for another season. :)

Wow, it's only taken Twitter about a million years to realise that people use favouriting as bookmarking.

When is Mastodon going to get this feature?

you know when you suddenly remember something really strongly? This one hit me and I could taste it.

There was this place: Walker Bros Pancake House. They made the most amazing apple pancake, & it took 40 mins to cook, and it was monumental. I used to go there aged about 17 with friends, we'd drive the half hour or so to get there and sit and talk the day/night away.

I found the recipe- a recipe for a memory.

gonna cook one up.

(pics from tripadvisor)

I'm at our L&T conference today. The opening keynote by our Pro Vice Chancellor has already talked about
community, our L&T & 'student engagement' strategy, the importance of not marginalising, that we all deal with mental health issues, the need to ask 'Who does this community leave out?' & how can we open to include, invited us to 'fail & fail better', and the goal to find a good way of 'being' as an educator and in the world. He finished with Marx.

I work somewhere special.

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Good morning world! I thought I’d share this pic of the sunrise today.

What? You can’t see the sun? Well *it’s there* just above the clouds. I still see the morning light.

May we all experience indirect kindness today, to and from others.

What really needs is not to ragequit, but to federate *development*.

What if instead of a project fork happening because there was a big fight, a project fork happened because some people like to work solo (hi!) and other people like to work in groups with a specific goal.

And instead of developing competing, fragmenting forks, everybody worked with the intention of keeping everything compatible. Plugins, optional features, add-ons, etc.