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so the goal?

Working at the learner's pace. Working with the learner's pace. Working with the learner. Being a learner too.

connecting and growing.
That's always my goal.


early take-away lessons:

1. Just because people are invited to the table doesn't mean they will come. -even if the food is great. -and then if they do come they might not be hungry.

2. I don't have all the answers. Neither do you. No one person does. That's why that connection thing is so important.

3. What you do has gotta come from you. Ideally we enact our best selves, but you know that can happen on small levels everyday. If I 'make you' do/learn it's no good.


So this year at one of my students and I are talking about failure to connect (we titled our proposal - When connection fails: What to do with all the lemons) and yes, there was a class-A belly flop of a project last semester where all my students collectively turned into lemons. (I gave them a great chance to do stuff outside the curriculum and they went, meh.) We're putting heads together to do a 'take 2' and see if I can get it right... 1/

Today was a long but super-fun day, but somehow after that first 12 hour day, I need to galvanise myself for the stuff I couldn't do in the normal day. Can I please have a leap-day just now so I can fit in the extra stuff?

failing that, I'll boil the kettle as a bit of extra tea to fuel me.

Today's adventure involved recording music for the silent film the Battleship Potemkin with the uni orchestra at a very famous place.... maybe the crosswalk gives it away... #AbbeyRoad #desirepath #music

For all the academics out there or people who work with those who learn. If anyone would like me to come visit and do a workshop/collaborate. I will. Open invitation. Just saying...

last year @tdorey asked and I went to Canada.

Encourage people when they do good things. A little encouragement goes a long way.

Outtake 2 of my practice. I still thought I could do it better.... so tried again again... (still not so well, but I did get there in the end!) Practice takes a willingness to fall down A. LOT.

lot lot lotlotlotlotlot.

Outtake 1 of my practice. I thought maybe I could do it better... so tried again... (not quite so well)

I've started getting ready for my Psychology of Learning & Teaching class. I start by doing lots of learning out loud.

Context: I have a recital in a few weeks & videoed my practice.

Thought I'd share a decent (working) take and a couple of outtakes (threaded after this post)... Oh the plight of practice... it is amazing what impact being recorded has. It doesn't stop my visible frustration! The piece is Kodaly Solo Sonata

We all stumble. The learning is in the getting back up.

A post on Agency and Perspective - my final post on @Downes (I finally caught up!) In this I unpick some of what Stephen says, and what his two guests Sylvia and Jutta discuss as part of the topic of agency.

My post is one small piece of the puzzle.

Create, share, and learn with Amy Burvall

I'm catching up! This is my post from week 9 commenting on the video with @amyburvall (which was aired on 16 December)

My daughter's art is on show in London for anyone local... I love that she is bold and takes on societally challenging topics. If you are in the area, I recommend it. It's a 1 room show with one piece by each artist. Here's the blurb by the curator about the event:

A little connecting road somewhere in London. After miles of walking, this rainbow alley became a #desirepath full of smiles

oh my goodness, I've messed up my pixelfed account and I kept the username and not the password and I cant find out where I registered.


On the train.... Nearly at London, going to support my daughter’s first art exhibition. Eek!

yesterday we opened the big jug of maple syrup I brought back from America, and oh my can we taste the difference. 🍁

first community orchestra of the year. yay, and exhausted. We're playing Ride of the Valkyries and Peter and the Wolf... as well as a Cowboy Tune medley (that one's for light relief!) I'm zonked now. We had 35 people turn up. yay yay!

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