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thoughts for the new year
based on remembering: Yes I can.

(yes, it's a very positive, short blogpost)

sharing a song from days gone by. I have this on a cassette tape and it reminds me of the friend who introduced it to me. We used to go to her Grandma's house in the summer. It was on the edge of a lake somewhere in Michigan. It was there I told my first story in public, at a town storytelling campfire. I was 16.

sometimes memories stick.

Here's the song:

I'm a futurist specializing in education and technology.

I've been using all kinds of social software for decades, and really want to get Mastodon working this time.

Here in England it is not a thing to rake leaves. I shared a couple of the recent leaf-raking posts with my son and he was completely baffled. Why would anyone do that? I loved his bafflement, and I love the leaves on the ground.

A hefty post in response to Stephen's video on keys as part of the topic of Identity in

might be of interest if you like

a bit of a technical post... I made an interactive graph! It was a task set by @Downes for the course, and I found a nice open-source tool and had a go at using it. :)

a post on identity and the self for the course. (and yes, it's a picture of me as a small child)

This marks the point in Thursday when I'm 2/3 done. Two 2 hr lectures done and one to go. This last one is the one I've done the most homework for - in terms of learning new stuff. We're discussing this article: and then moving on to cover the shift from politicised music to streamlined artists, and then talking about an exception: Prince and analysing Purple Rain. (see p79 ) and I'm looking forward to this one!

Another interview for my structures and politics of rock class. This time 'A Father's Perspective'. The dad of a young artist talks about how his son became a professional. It's an honest and good story and one of my takeaways is you never know until you do it. (can't use the word try, because, well - there is no try 😉 )

Teaching expression.

Will you help us learn about communicating expression? We were talking about expression and started to explore the differences in perspective and understanding amongst and between different people. My students devised a short task inviting people to listen and comment in the hopes that we might learn from your understanding:

today a couple of my students got it.

They were frustrated with being in a system and felt that need and want to break out and live their lives as independent professionals. HOORAY!!!!

They grew up and hatched right in front of me.

They said, but some of the other people are happy to just be students???

and I smiled.

Talking about musical expression today. This is one of those topics that is seldom taught in a tactile way. We're going to start with the cerebral, as students are comfortable with that, and then we're going to put pen to paper and draw. We'll see if they get into it. :) All resources are here:

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What makes us human?

a short post considering that question, posed by one of the participants in @Downes class

It's certainly not a full answer, and after pushing 'publish' last night, I woke up this morning wanting to add- the concept of us, and the need for connection. Maybe that's for another page in the blog-notebook

Encouraging learning: A graph with perspective

A post about something made by my student demonstrating how important perspective and presentation can be, certainly in teaching and learning. -I'd go farther and say in life too.

It has timely overlaps with This won't appear in the harvester (I think) as I didn't tag the post, but it is tangentially related. :)

Notes on the Week 3 web chat with @benwerd & @Downes

For those who don't know what is, it's a loosely structured open course. I say loose because people are invited to opt in at any time for any length. It's not a start-to-finish-required type thing and lots of topics will interest people. Have a look... We're currently on Week 3.

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Oh, making a graph where all the parameters are variables. My effort at visualising the task for

Sharing Joy & the Quest for Excellence with words from one of my students

This gal teaches ALL sorts of children and has a specialism teaching violin to people with all sorts of perceived disabilities. She shared this story/video with me and I wanted to share it widely. It made me and all my uni students smile A LOT.

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