Last cooking post for now... ;)

these profiteroles are not so glam, but I really like grandma's hand in the background. We eat with the generation above and below several times a week. (that's something I am grateful my children have grown up with. I certainly did not.) Back to the photo... These are easy to make, just flour, butter, water, eggs (no other raising agents), and a strong arm to stir vigorously to the right consistency with a wooden spoon.

@lauraritchie YUM! I've only done choux pastry once, and it turned out well, but quite a bit of work.


@dadegroot I find it easy- it did take a long time to learn how to dump in the flour. I think it really has to go into a boiling mixture, and then it is pretty straightforward.

Croissant pastry, now that's hard work!!! I tried that once and oh my! Folding endless folds and squishing hard butter for ever!

(I do love cooking!)

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@lauraritchie haven’t tried croissants yet, but will at some point (as in tried to make, I’ve EATEN many).

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