The darkness before dawn always seems more dark, quiet than any other time. Today is no different. As I sit here, in my study, and gaze out the sliding glass doors to the woods beyond, I discover that this silence is brought on by snow, falling gently, without wind, the animals curled up, the world still asleep, the only sound, if magnified so that you could hear, would be the sound of each flake settling down, lightly, atop its mates. What is the sound that no sound makes?


@GeoffreyGevalt ah snow makes a sound. I remember it well. I have somewhere a picture of a little me sitting tucked behind a long curtain next to the tv, by a sliding glass door,(in a brown 70s room) looking out. As a small I used to get up before the dawn and watch. Watch the birds, watch the grass, watch the leaves, watch. Watch and listen.

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