Blogging / professional / network question:

How do you leverage your writing and your professional profile with your networks online?

I'm talking to students about this and would LOVE input.

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@lauraritchie I don't think there's much actual intentional leverage on my part. I know I do get offered chances to do things by being enthusiastic and if not knowledgeable curious enough to get answers. I don't know if this is what you were looking for.

@marcjones I'm genuinely looking for people's takes on the topic. I know I don't have 'the answer'! What you have to say is very useful. Thank you!

@lauraritchie my pleasure. Thanks. I knew you weren't looking for 'the answer' but I wondered whether my answer was even an answer, or just too kind of wishy-washy.

@marcjones as you know, people tend to be so reluctant to comment. My hope is to gather/curate different perspectives and that will hopefully be an introduction for my students to think and use bits as they make their own ways in writing and online settings.

@lauraritchie It's something I rarely ever think about. I write for myself, for a way to understand, to articulate ideas, to explore new thing, to curate what I am doing (my blog, I have come to realize, is my best curation space). That said, sometimes my writing has led to offers to present/keynote conferences, and to be invited into projects/networks. Maybe for your students, consider it as a choice: is this my professional identity? or is this my writing identity? not sure if that helps

@lauraritchie I don't.

This probably isn't good advice, but...

My networks are for sharing. That's their full purpose. If people have question, need advice, want to listen, whatever..

True, some good things have come to me from networks, but not as a result of me planning to use them for that purpose.

It's a Taoist approach - don't seek power, wealth, fame, etc. - I never want to ask for any of these.

No, my whole life isn't about sharing. I have my interests. But networks are for sharing.

@Downes I get that, but you definitely do curate/amplify/share for the purpose of enhancing and educating your network. OLDaily? all the work with curating via GRSShopper?

maybe I used the wrong words. I didn't mean 'fame'. The Tao and the connectivist don't have a conflict. (do they?)

I want to do just that - connect, learn, and share - so my students can do that too. Online has different possibilities than journalling in a paper diary that stays locked. 1/2

@Downes Your answer IS good, and really useful. -and partly because of how you share (and partly having a job that facilitates some of your work, and also working jolly hard over years at developing ideas and being very dedicated- not *just* sharing or journalling), you have been able to grow a very useful network.

not about fame. Alan L called it amplification. If you share something, it is so amplified *because * of the network you have cultivated/curated.

So maybe the lesson is: share.

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