Our presentation ( @katebowles and I were in person) at in Ireland ended up being a giant shout out for mastodon. The topic was . Full details here, and the video is linked - our session starts at 53mins.

shout outs to @GeoffreyGevalt and our main author @tdorey and @Downes @dogtrax and @Ayior for being involved in our slides. :) @Gargron

@lauraritchie @katebowles @GeoffreyGevalt @tdorey @Downes @Ayior @Gargron I started to watch the presentation but I need to run out so I will keep watching (small increments?) tomorrow morning ... I love that you are sharing this ... thank you

@lauraritchie @katebowles @GeoffreyGevalt @tdorey @Downes @Ayior @Gargron

Finished up watching you this morning, Laura and Kate, and what a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing such insights on writing stories and using open networks for sharing and connecting. (sound goes out on Laura for a bit, alas).

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