Notre Dame is three and a half times older than the United States.

old. so much history. I am glad my daughter saw it a few weeks ago.

@lauraritchie Don't worry, it's sad but it's not the first time that she will be restored and she'll rise even prettier than before 💪

@lauraritchie I went to Paris for the first time at the age of 57 or so. Had an 8 hour stopover. Took the Metro to Notre Dame. Sat in a cafe across the river and admired the old church for a while. Went up to it, went in, took some pictures. You couldn't really equal her with mere tourism.

@Downes I've never been.

in 1996 when I first came to England, my (then) boyfriend (now husband) bought us tickets to Paris. It was meant to be the most romantic Christmas present, but the French went on strike, and as a student he didn't buy travel insurance and lost it all. We had a Christmas full of tea and dark winter walks, which was also beautiful.

Just last week we were saying we should go to Paris one day.

@lauraritchie @Downes

When cancer showed up, I decided it made sense not to put things off, and I would take a trip with each one of my daughters in the year they turned 16. I've done the first two, and both wanted to go to Paris.

So we went, and we sat across from Notre Dame as you did, marvelling. Both have been texting me overnight, multiple exclamation points. I'm so glad they saw it.

The third one is younger. We'll go, and see what has happened, in three years.

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