a man stopped in the middle of the road today, in his SUV, and got out - cars coming all around. He walked into the road in front of the car and bent down to pick up a hedgehog and move it onto the grass, clear of the pavement.

Well done Mr. Man, whoever you are. Thank you for taking the time to care.

@lauraritchie I really like this story 'cos A) I totally thought your story was gonna be an angry-car-person rant and was most pleasantly surprised indeed, and B) I did the same thing myself about a year ago with some kind of baby bird, on a motorcycle, and it's nice to hear that the default response isn't necessarily always pissed-off car drivers who just want you to get out of their way..

@lauraritchie Erm, that is to say, like, I was on the motorcycle, not the baby bird..

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