I have a real question for any plumbers out there. We have this thing - over the past several years one tap in the house doesn't produce any hot water. -and it moves from one tap to the next, very slowly over time. Mysteriously. Used to be in the kitchen, then bathroom sink (shower worked fine) then all ok, but now our shower :( NO HOT WATER, but it gets tepid if you flush the loo and have the washing machine on, so we think it's a pressure/burp issue.
Any ideas??

the only good news about our lack of hot water showers is that we have to take baths (plenty of hot water to that tap!), and in the summer it is really nice. This was my view this morning, for my post-run soak. :)

(It will be less fun in the winter!)

@dadegroot dang. our house isn't old enough for ghosts! Besides, what kind of prank would that be?!?! ;)

@lauraritchie possibly an air-lock, moving around the DHW (domestic hot water) pipework. Can often be a problem when the system is extended over the years.

There are various ways of removing it, some involve backfeeding high pressure water from a hose (beware that if you do this and the clip springs off, the results are predictably messy/damp 😉 )

@vfrmedia sounds like a professional job, no?

ps thank you - your reply is the first hint of a solution!

@lauraritchie if you search for removing airlocks in pipework various DIY methods turn up.

they may vary depending on whether you have a combi boiler or the older setup with a DHW storage tank - I have only ever done it with a storage tank setup in my former family home.

The wider issue with airlocks is that air is getting in in the first place - there could also be other errors in the plumbing that have been around for decades that are best looked at by a pro (assuming they can find them!)

@lauraritchie if you occasionally get hot water taps with *no* water or just a trickle this is a sign of an airlock and can sometimes be cleared by opening hot water taps elsewhere in the building (you will hear a load of noise and then the water comes out of both..)

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