Anyone have any advice for my trip to Brazil?

Anything I should know culturally -so I don't offend and to be extra polite?

Anything to eat or look for that is special there?

I'm still learning Portuguese! :)


@lauraritchie ooh there was that tumblr thread about the brazilian pizzas lemme find it

food images, slightly cursed maybe? 

food images, slightly cursed maybe? 

@lauraritchie I'm brazilian. Where are you planning to go? I can list many great foods for you to try out, but some of them are more easily found in some specific regions

@urso I'll be mainly in Campinas.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you!

@lauraritchie I've never been to Campinas, I'll ask a few friends about good restaurants there. Though, since it's Brazil we're talking about, you'll likely find a good Brazilian barbecue restaurant (ask for rodízio de churrasco, you pay a fixed price and eat as much meat as you want)

Unless you're vegetarian or vegan, of course

@lauraritchie I can't think of any etiquette tips, but the food is something that's going to vary a lot from region to region; what state(s) are you going to be at?

food, long, alcohol near the end 

food, long, alcohol near the end 

@lauraritchie Look for Chimarrão - Brazilian Yerba Mate - and try that instead of tea. It's mostly a southern Brazil thing (and Mate is very popular in Argentine and Uruguay) but it might be available where you are.

@Downes I'll be in the South!! down by Sao Paolo! I'll look for it!


Brazilians are super nice and friendly and not easily offended. As long as you are friendly and relaxed, it should be fine. Just don't be anoyed or complain if something doesn't go as planned. Brazilians are excelent in improvising and there will be a solution if you are patient. I hope you have a great time in this beautiful country!

@lauraritchie Don't go out alone. My Brazilian acquaintances have warned about that several times.

@dadegroot I'm going to make friends with whoever else is at the hotel, and there should be graduate students (hopefully) interested enough to hang out with me - I'm keynote at a conference. Fortunately I don't crave night life.

I am hoping someone local can take me to a market of some sort.

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