I need to find a literary agent. Tricky thing is everyone I talk to says - oh you have to 'know someone'....

I have this book that needs to be published, and read - widely.

My book is called and is the sort of thing someone at an airport would buy. Motivational, yet psychology based, and practically written.

Hints of advice are welcome.

@Downes It will be... I'm not giving up on this one!

I'm walking in the dark so far... one foot in front of the other. step by step...


If you are on birdsite, try #pitmad. It usually happens 4 times a year, next one is probably going to be in march (site hasn't updated it's calendar for 2020). It's an open pitch thing, agents and editors will be watching for pitches on Twitter and 'like' your tweet if they want you to submit to them.

If you can, go to book expos and writing cons. *DONT* pitch to agents at the expo unless they ask. Meet people, make friends, learn shit.


@lauraritchie If you make friends at the expo and stay in touch, you can ask them later if they know anyone who might be interested.

@lauraritchie If you learn the name of an agent, don't be afraid to google them. Some agents accept unsolicted submissions. Just check their websites first.

Also, Writer's Market is your friend.


@lauraritchie - Self-publish as an e-book on something like Amazon. Then, after some time there, you can approach a publisher about hardcopies based on readership and/or sales.

@lauraritchie You might try talking to Indie Blu(e) publishing [] . Your book doesn't sound like their usual type, but they are women authors who have been through the mill and may have some tips.

Another resource may be Bad Redhead Media [] - Rachel Thompson does focus on author marketing

@lauraritchie , I just saw your post. Try using Duckduckgo, search Literary Agents 2019. There were several articles that came up. Hope this helps! -M

@lauraritchie I have not vetted these but this list might be helpful? List of publishers who put out inspirational books ... Or you could self-publish, but the reach might become limited (I can connect you to Ron Samul, via CLMOOC and Yap, who self-published his novel and shared with me at one time a file of tips of the trade that he learned along the way)

@lauraritchie I'm a writer, published nonfiction, now trying to get a novel published. #1. Have a platform. #2 find agents that carry your kind of book. #3 Prepare to be rejected 100 times or more. Seriously.

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