Tomorrow evening (Nov 19th) at 7:30 GMT I'm giving a free livestreamed classical cello + piano concert. It will be about 70 mins long.

I've been working toward this since the summer and I am really looking forward to sharing the music!

Direct link:

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@lauraritchie Is there going to be a recording I can watch later?

@Downes yes! It stays there for a month 😊 thank you for being there!

@lauraritchie Here's a photo of me watching you in concert, as you requested at the start. It was snapped at the exact moment the first note sounded (catching me a bit by surprise). I'm trying to watch you play the note before the note you're playing, as you described in your post).

@lauraritchie here's how my wife and me are enjoying your concert in western Germany. Many thanks for the nice music 😀

@maddin thank you!!! It is so lovely to know people were listening!!

@lauraritchie May i ask for the list of works you two are playing there? It's beautiful.

@jayrope of course!! 1. Brahms Sonata in F, 2. Block Prayer, 3. Schotakovich Sonata in D, 4. Schnittke Musica Nostalgica

Thank you!! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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