Yesterday a friend filmed me playing cello on a pontoon, and then I gave a concert at my university in the evening (to an empty hall + camera- found out the concert link works for a month after the event). It was the best day.

Today is my birthday and I have decided it is perfectly ok to be completely fabulous.

Let's hope you can be fabulous too, whether it's your birthday or your un-birthday.

@lauraritchie happy birthday! Here's to the next one being less socially distanced.

Keep being fabulous!

@qwazix thank you! I think it's going to be my year's mantra. -the being fabulous bit :)

@lauraritchie Happy birthday! Enjoy your fabulousness 🎂

@lauraritchie Happy B-day! I will do my best to be fabulous today to cellobrate.

@lauraritchie I didn't log in and missed your birthday, so sorry, I hope you had a great time!

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