Research questionnaire (my research project) 

I'm working to validate a metacognition questionnaire, & it rquires a certain number of participants for the stats to work. (178 completed responses) It is anonymous and is approved by the Ethics Committee - it is about metacognition, personality, and self-efficacy and takes a REAL 30 mins on a computer to complete- big screen helps as 2 Qs have lots of choices. If anyone is willing, I'd be very grateful!


Research questionnaire (my research project) 

I'm up to 91 (I need 178) Still going ! This will help me lots, but it will take a half hour. You are asked to write a couple of sentences and there are two quesitons where you have to drag and drop sentences. After those two (very tedious) quesitons, it is all single easy ticks. if you do have the time and are willing, I'd be grateful! anyone 18 or over can do it. Thank you!

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