I am thinking about the downhill slide of the public narrative surrounding higher education. Has it been our success at producing grads that can name and confront bigotry that has made higher ed now ground zero for the attacks against liberal ideas and multiculturalism? Or have we failed miserably to bring to our communities the true value of these ideas? Value that translates to a better quality of life for people?


@karencang I think there's a mentality that goes with the culture of grades and the idea that grades are the goal - throughout education that then when ppl get to uni, it is such a task to teach them to think outside of everything, beyond. How many ppl ask what grade you got in a class when you apply for a job? Heck, in America they don't even classify degrees (as in UK) & still ppl worry abt grades. -is a mindset, but not unchangeable. takes time & care, & is harder than perpetuating grades...

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