Okay, so what happened was, after an `apt upgrade` on the DB server neo4j which is not supposed to be used anymore got started up again automatically, and even though it was not used by anything, it quietly devoured all free disk space (17GB of it)

I'm so embarrassed because it's such a stupid reason for the site to go down while I was asleep. I'm gonna try to prevent this by sharing some devops access with a friend who's in a different timezone.

Alright shared access with a friend from a different timezone so should be no more blind spots 👌


@Gargron you're amazingly dedicated to this platform & running it yourself is bound to throw up teething probs. You're doing great and your openness about process & attention to detail are noticed.. (sending encouragement!)

@lauraritchie @Gargron I just wanted to send encouragement too. We're all used to big corporate platforms that stay open 24/7, and in return for that they use and sell all of our labour. We pay a high price for the appearance of stability, which is really just exploitation.

The work you do here is really appreciated. So glad you are OK, and lovely that it's back.

I was surprised how much I worried about it, in a human way.

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