For those in need of a guilt-free laugh:

My job this morning: to make the pudding. Strawberry tart mmm!
did my typing, other jobs, made the pastry & popped it in the oven with a light layer of my homemade strawberry jam. Fresh berries go on top.

I had to pop out for a village meeting: 'Honey, take that out in 20 mins please.'

I arrive home:
Daddy set the tart on fire?

REAL FIRE!? Where is it now?

In the garden

at least I made a double recipe...

@DarkestKale fire alarm went off twice and tart, complete with tin was hurled into the soggy garden grass - flaming. 🙄 😱 🤣

@lauraritchie TBH tho, I'd congratulate him on his survival and 'save the house' reflexes

@lauraritchie Ideas for fried tart....
put on a pedestal for a bird ledge
use as a stencil on a plain wall...charcoal circles
embed into a garden path
hang from the tree branch as ornament
place beside the garden seat as a conversation starter for next party

@andrawatkins @lauraritchie 😂

I may not be great in the kitchen, but at least I’m not a fire hazard...

Thanks to the double recipe and the bargain berries from the local shop (they sell me things for pennies on their use-by date) pudding is saved!

@lauraritchie wow. (And I’m glad to see you were able to recover!)

@lauraritchie Such a waste! Somehow I don't expect much better out of 2017!

@econproph it’s ok! He was using air miles to book us all on a short holiday next spring- that’s worth a burned pudding 😉

@lauraritchie Yes. Yes, that changes everything. Perspective and all. Airmiles for a holiday - a decent trade for a tart, esp when there's backup.

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