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I'm so embarrassed to realize I may have been crushing on someone hard because they remind me of Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls/This is Us.) OMG, BRAIN WAT R U DOIN

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Please someone I need a fantasy novel about the royal firemaster

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Oh cool... mastodon has a DM-only column now. It's neat you can see it both on the timelines but also in its own separate place. A+

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I've spent the morning looking through Hayao Miyazaki's lovely illustrations for E.T.A. Hoffmann's THE NUTCRACKER AND THE MOUSE KING.

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If anyone supports me on my Patreon, this is how patronage will look after the service charge changes are implemented on December 18th.

I'm not entirely thrilled about it, but I just wanna make sure folks know what they're pledging.

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Love this Carrie Stetko drawing from Dan drew it to celebrate the WHITEOUT COMPENDIUM, which comes out this Wednesday, December 6 from Both volumes of's & my Eisner-winning series, plus a new afterword from Greg!

What I've basically learned is that the astro-lovin' people I follow hate Aquarians and I agree. I kinda hate myself, too. ╥﹏╥

crap I should probably do something about his neck

Yurio bday gift in progress. I don't think she follows me on here so we're good!

Cramming homework for Bill Perkins class. I recognize I should be hauling ass for one of Disney's legit treasures but this butt is constantly tiiiiired.

Why is shopping for my own mom this hard? I know she'd be happy with a gift card but it oughtta be more personal dammit.

oh crap, forgot about my parents. More shopping to do!

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Was surprisingly easy to buy gifts for my siblings this year. *looks at all the anime merch she bought* AH.

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Just watched the 2007 Persuasion and was thoroughly entertained. Anne is deffo one of my favorite Austen girls. Sally Hawkins plays her wonderfully!

Watching This is Us after spending all day cleaning the apartment. 😭

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Valuable post about what happens when an artist's image going viral. It's by @lubellwoo (Lucy Bellwood) and covers both the intangible benefits, and the dollar earnings- with REAL NUMBERS. Read and learn!

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